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Overview of Discount

ShopBase management tools allow you to generate and manage promotional codes for customers. You can also specify the effective date of the code, the number of times the code can be used, the minimum order quantity for the code to be used, the discount combination, and which product, collection, or variant can apply the discount.

There are two types of promotions applied in your stores: manual discounts require customers to enter the discount code manually to enjoy the promotion; or automatic discounts that the system automatically applies to the customer's shopping cart when the cart meets the criteria.

We provide 3 groups of discounts on your online store, including:

Product discount:

Percentage discount

For example: You can generate a discount code of a 30% discount on product A with a value of $50. If your customer orders this product and applies this discount code, the amount the customer will pay for this product is $50 * 70% = $35.

Fixed amount discount

For example: Product A has a price of $50, and the customer applies a discount code of $10 off this product, so the amount the customer has to pay for this product is $50 - $10 = $40.

Buy-X-get-Y discount

For example: If a customer buys product A, they may purchase another product B at a discounted price (for example, from $50 to $20) if their cart is eligible for the promotion.

Shipping discount:

Free shipping discount

For example: To order product A, the customer must pay $50 + $5 shipping charges, which equals to a total of $55. If a customer has this discount code, they pay only $50 in total. In this section, we'll list what you can do with promotion management in the ShopBase admin site to optimize your business.

Boost upsell discount:

Upsell discount: Pre-purchase offer, Post-purchase upsell, In cart offer.
Quantity discount
Bundle discount
Smart pre-purchase upsell and Smart bundle upsell

When an order qualifies for more than one discount, it can be used as follows:

A maximum of 5 discounts from Product discount and Shipping discount groups.
There are no limits on the number of discounts that can be applied in the Boost Up-Sell discount group. However, the Quantity Discount is restricted to one. In case there are multiple Quantity discounts available, the system will automatically choose the most advantageous one for the application.
If an order is eligible for multiple product discounts and boost upsell discounts, all discounts will be based on the order subtotal to determine the value.
If an order qualifies for multiple free shipping discounts, only the first discount will be applied.

For further information, kindly refer to 2 articles: Create an automatic discount code and Create a manual discount code

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Updated on: 15/04/2024

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