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Create an automatic discount code with ShopBase

Automatic discount code is a form of promotion that automatically applies discounts to customer's shopping cart as soon as they qualify for promotion. You can offer your customers a discount on a certain amount, a discount on a percentage, a discount on one product when buying another, and free shipping. In this article, we'll show you how to create automatic discount codes in just a few steps.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your store admin, if you are using Template by Website Builder, go to Marketing & Sales > Discounts > Automatic > Create automatic discount.

If you are using Theme Editor (Roller / Inside), go to Discounts > Automatic.

In the new page, enter the title of the promotional code in the field Automatic discount title. This title will only appear when the code is automatically applied to the customer's shopping cart in the checkout page.

Choose the discount type in Discount Type section. ShopBase supports four types such as Percentage, Fixed amount, Free shipping, and Buy X get Y.

Percentage or Fixed amount

Percentage: enter the percentage of the discount.
Fixed amount: enter a certain discount amount.
In the section Applies to you can choose from the sale of products where promotions are being applied such as Entire order, Specific collections, Specific products.

In the section of Minimum requirement you choose the conditions to apply the promotion: None, Minimum purchase amount, Minimum quantity of items.

Free Shipping

In the Countries category, select the countries where the discount is available, such as All countries or Specific countries.

You can select as many as countries that you wish to set up. Countries are based on the customer's shipping address.

In Minimum requirement you set the conditions for discounts: None, Minimum purchase amount, Minimum quantity of items.

For PlusBase stores, the automatic free shipping discount code will not be applicable for Premium shipping lines.

Buy X get Y

In Customer buys, enter the minimum number of products that customers need to buy to receive the discount in the Quantity field. Then, select the product for which, if a customer purchases the product, a discount will be offered at the Any items from field (you can select Specific products or Specific collections).

In Customer gets, select the product that the customer will receive a discount. Here, enter the quantity and select items that customers will get (you can select Specific products or Specific collections).

In At A Discount Value section, choose the type of discount as Percentage or Free. Check the box Set a maximum number of uses per order if you want to set the maximum number of discount code to be used in an order and enter the maximum number in the box below.

In Customer eligibility, choose the customer eligible for discounts: Everyone or Specific customers.

In Usage limits, choose the limits for discount uses: Limit number of times this discount can be used in total or Limit to one use per customer.

In Active dates, set up the starting time for the discount. Tick Set end date if you want to set up an end date for this promotion.

The time in Active dates is the time shown in the default time zone that you set for the entire store.

Click Save changes once finished.

Only one automatic discount can be active at a time. When activating an automatic discount code while another discount is already active, the new code will overlap the existing one.

Only one discount code could be applied for an order. If an order is eligible for multiple discounts including Automatic, Offer, and Coupon code, the highest one will always be selected.
You cannot create a single discount code for one or several variants of a product. In other words, a discount code can only be applied to products including all product variants.

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Updated on: 16/11/2023

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