With online shopping moving quickly towards mobile, convenience is becoming a must for consumers. Overcomplicating your check out process can result in lost sales and unsatisfied customers.

That's why One Page Checkouts were put into practice for ShopBase in an effort to simplify the check out process with fewer clicks and fewer pages.

On this page:

A. Overall
B. How One Page Checkout looks.
C. How to switch to One Page Checkout.

A. Overall

A one-page checkout displays all elements of a standard checkout including basket contents, billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on just one page.

Pros of the One Page Checkout
Fewer clicks: require customers to make fewer clicks than customers checking out on a store that has a multi-page checkout.
Appears to be easier: The idea of a one-page checkout can initially appear easier to complete as fewer steps can appeal to time-conscious customers.

B. How OnePage Checkout looks.

C. How to switch to One Page Checkout


From your ShopBase admin, go to Setting.
Click on Checkout.

Select One Page Checkout.

Click Save and that's it.
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