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Activate automated flows on Klaviyo

Once Klaviyo is successfully integrated with your store, you can automate email delivery based on customer actions on the store using Flows. Optimizing automated email flows will help you increase sales in your store without spending too much on advertising. This article will show you to correctly and effectively activate automatic email sending flow with Klaviyo to fit your store's content and design.

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A. Edit an email in a flow
B. Enable automated flows

A. Edit an email in a flow

Visit Klaviyo homepage and log in to your account.
Navigate to Flows. Select the flow you want to edit (such as Abandoned Cart Reminder), and click on Edit Flow.

In the flow editor, you can optimize the email triggers and contents to your preference. Click on Edit to edit the content of an email.

ShopBase will offer ready-made email templates that can be used with pre-configured content (this feature will be available soon).

B. Enable automated flows

Once you finished editing the content of each email, you can enable the email automated flow.

Navigate to the flow that you want to set up, click on the email's status and select Live.

After all emails' statuses are changed to Live, click on Save & Exit. Then, the emails will automatically be sent when the customer performs the corresponding action on the store.

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Updated on: 22/08/2022

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