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Learn more about ShopBase Balance and understand the process to request a your payout and top up a balance.
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A. Overview of ShopBase Balance
B. How to check your balance
C. What can you use your Balance for?
D. Understand your balance status (negative)
E. How to request a payout
F. How to top up balance
G. View history of payout or top-up

A. Overview of ShopBase Balance

ShopBase Balance is your credit account, which can be used to pay for your subscription and fees, Abandoned Checkout (ACO) SMS service and PrintBase package as well as orders that go through PrintBase.

Each ShopBase merchant will own a Balance account. If a ShopBase merchant has more than one store, transactions for each store will be logged respectively and can be found in View history.

B. How to check your balance

From your Store admin page >> Click on Profile at the bottom left of the page.
The Balance amount is beside Balance. Click on Balance to visit ShopBase Balance settings.

Find Balance settings

C. What can you use your Balance for?

Abandon Checkout SMS

This feature helps you retain abandoned checkouts and encourages your customers to make the purchase by sending recovery SMS to their phones. You can learn more about it here.

With only $0,02/SMS, this will help boost your sales in a way you can never imagine. Fees for this service will be taken directly from your Balance account.

Pay the Subscription & Transaction fees

When your billing is due, your Balance will be charged. In case the fund is not sufficient, your Balance will automatically top-up an amount to pay for these fees. Please refer to this article about ShopBase's Fees and Charges

Pay the PrintHub orders

All PrintHub orders will be charged by ShopBase Balance, but by default, Balance is inactive. Sellers should activate ShopBase Balance to let the orders to be processed. In case the Balance is insufficient, the remaining amount will be taken from the credit card.

D. Understand your balance status (negative)

There are 3 statuses of your Balance:
Total current available: The funds come from your top-up, profit of PrintBase, cashback from Affiliate program, cashback from PrintBase promotion, gifts from ShopBase and the remainder when changing your plan. You can use it to pay for the Service fee, transaction fee, and subscription fee.
Available to payout: The funds can be paid out to your payment account on the next schedule. They come from your profit of PrintBase, cashback from Affiliate program and cashback from PrintBase promotion.
Pending to review: The funds are not yet available to be used and paid out. Coming from the profit of PrintBase, they are pending in 3 days since the order date before switching to Available.

E. How to request a payout

To request for payout, you will need to put in your Payoneer account by clicking the Edit button.

After your Payoneer account is linked, you can receive payouts by clicking Request payout. You can also keep track of your payouts by clicking View payouts.

You can start requesting for payout 7 days after having orders.

ShopBase requires a $50 profit minimum for all payout requests.
Payouts requests are processed within 1 to 2 working days. After they are approved, the funds will reach your payment account within 2 to 4 hours.
In case your payout request is refused, you will be provided with the reason why. The request's status will also be updated to Refused.
The amount added to Balance via Top-up cannot be withdrawn via Payout.

Request Payout section

F. How to top up balance

Before you Add/update your Billing Information, please be noted that the billing information for Balance will be taken directly from the credit card you use for ShopBase.

If you want to change payment information used for Balance, click Replace credit card to add a new card.

After you've finished, remember to click Save.

Replace credit card

1. Top up your Balance manually

Click Top up to to add funds to your account.

Select the desired amount and click Confirm top up. Money will be transferred from the credit card you use for ShopBase.

2. Set up Auto Top-up

This feature aims at lessening the chance your Balance stops working due to insufficient funds. You can set up a certain threshold which will allow ShopBase to automatically add more credits if your balance falls below this threshold.

When Balance reaches below - $40, your Balance will be automatically topped up to cover

When this is enabled, you will have to fill in the top-up amount for auto recharge (the minimum amount is $20) as well as the threshold (ranging from $10-$1000).

If you don't want to enable Auto Top-up, you can set up email sending when your balance falls below a certain amount so you will not miss charging service.

Auto Top-up
Auto Recharge

G. View history of payout or topup

From your admin Dashboard > go to your account section > Balance
Click View history
You can filter by Shop name, Type or Content.

View history of payout
Filter payout history

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