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Overview of Boost Convert app

Creating the urgency and scarcity for sales has been proven as an effective way to increase your conversion rate because it encourages visitors to complete their orders as soon as possible. Another effective way to increase conversion rates is to display social proof, such as recent sales on your store, in order to create a high traffic store and build trust with your visitors.

Boost Convert is ShopBase built-in app that helps add urgency and trustworthiness to your store by showing Social Proof notifications and Countdown tools.

Social Proof: Adding a social proof popup to make the site looks busy and make the products stand out on Home pages and Collection pages.

Countdown Tools: Motivate customers to click Add-to-cart on Product pages by adding product countdown & timer countdown.

This part will introduce you with different functions of Boost Convert and guide you to set up these functions for your store.

In this section

Install Boost Convert for your ShopBase store

Social proof

Understand Social Proof in e-commerce
Use Social Proof feature by Boost Convert
Delete Social Proof notifications
Set up Social Proof notification display

Countdown tools

Use Countdown Tools feature by Boost Convert
Set up multiple Timer countdowns
Delete a Timer Countdown
Edit a Countdown Timer


Trouble Shooting - Fix Social Proof display error

Updated on: 07/07/2023

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