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Timer countdown is the Countdown Tools widget of the Boost Convert app that allows sellers to set up a timer countdown display in the product pages to motivate shoppers to add to cart. ShopBase allows you to create different Timer Countdowns. If you do not want to apply the same timer countdown to all of your product pages and want to set up different countdowns for different products/collections, you can create multiple timer countdowns for specific products/collections. Please refer to [this article to know how to create your first Timer Countdown]. This section will show you how to create another Timer Countdown after you have created your first Timer Countdown.

Step by step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, choose Apps >> Boost Convert.

Choose Countdown tools >> Timer Countdown on the left corner.

Click Add new timer countdown to create a new countdown timer widget on the right of the screen display for you to install the countdown timer widget.

Adjust the information on the Timer Countdown page to suit your intentions. Please refer to [this article to understand fields in Timer Countdown page]

Click Create timer on the right corner.

Note: If there are at least 2 timers with the same display conditions, the timers created later will be displayed on the product page.

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