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Migrate campaigns from other platforms to PrintBase

We now supports importing POD campaigns from SenPrints to your PrintBase store. This guide will walk you through the process of migrating your campaigns seamlessly.

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A. Migrate campaigns to PrintBase store
B. Map products to PrintBase catalog

A. Migrate campaigns to PrintBase store

Step 1: Install the migrate application.

In your PrintBase store admin, navigate to Campaigns > All campaigns. Then click on Add from services, select Migrate campaigns.

Click the Install app button to install it.

After installation, you can find this migration app in Apps > Installed Apps section.

Step 2: Migrate campaigns

Open the Migrate to ShopBase app. Click Import From URLs. In the platform selection, choose SenPrints.

There are three ways to import your campaigns:

From Social Feed File: Upload a social feed file in CSV format.
Enter URLs: Paste the campaign URLs into the provided field, ensuring each URL is on a separate line.
Upload CSV file: Create a CSV file containing all the campaign URLs you wish to import. Check the CSV format to ensure it matches the correct template, then upload this file.

Step 3: Start the import process

After entering the URLs or uploading the file, click the Import button.

Monitor the import progress in the Import List section.

Step 4: Check imported campaigns

Once the import process is complete, go to store admin, navigate to All Campaigns to manage the imported campaigns.

B. Map products to PrintBase catalog

Once the campaign migration is successful, you need to map the products to the PrintBase catalog. This means aligning the products from your campaign with the corresponding products in the PrintBase catalog to ensure that all product details and options are correctly synchronized.

Navigate to the All Campaigns section in your store admin. Choose the campaign that you want to map with PrintBase catalog products.
Click on Map product button.

Define variant options

Match the product information of the campaign with the information of the corresponding product in PrintBase Calalog.
There are two columns to match: What we offer (the information of the PrintBase product) and We should map with (the information of the corresponding campaign product). Then press Save.

Map products and variants to fulfill

The system will auto-detect and fill in the product corresponding to your campaign by default. If the detected product is incorrect, click the x and choose the correct product. Match the options of the product you want to process with the options in the PrintBase catalog.

Upload your product's design by clicking Upload file corresponding to the front or back of the product.

Verify that you have correctly matched the product options by checking the Check Mapping Status section.

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Updated on: 04/07/2024

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