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Troubleshooting: Issues with Migrate to ShopBase app

To migrate from Shopify to ShopBase, you can use our built-in app Migrate to ShopBase. In case you run into trouble while using it, for example, when you check Import List and see Failed status, you can refer to the reason written in Note section to find out how to fix. In this article, we list 2 most common issues along with their solutions.

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A. Request timeout when getting main content (4 seconds)
B. Status `not_started`

A. Request timeout when getting main content (4 seconds)

Migrate to ShopBase app allows 4 seconds for the data of each product to load. If it takes more time, the app will consider crawling process to be failed. In that case, please check your website's speed and try importing again later.

B. Status not_started

There might be many pending migrating requests from other sellers, and your requests were on the waiting list. Once their process is finished, your requests will start and soon be updated to Completed.

Import products by Migrate to ShopBase app
Migrate products from other platforms to ShopBase

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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