ShopBase Balance is your credit account. The amount of this balance is applied for using Service, paying Subscription fee and Transaction fee. There are many different types of invoice logged in Balance History to help merchants keep track on his business cost and revenue. Let's go through this instruction to fully un

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A. Content
Each user has one Balance account. All transactions in Balance are saved and you can follow it by clicking View History.

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There are 21 contents of invoices in total on Balance:

Transaction fee collecting: this is paid for transaction fee of each successful ShopBase order (link to transaction doc).
Manual top-up: this amount is manually add to Balance by merchants.
Automatical top-up: this amount is automatically top-up to cover when Balance goes negative; or when there is an insufficient amount in Balance to cover a transaction; or when Balance is below the certain threshold in your settings for an auto top-up.
SMS fee collecting: this is paid for abandoned checkout SMS service.
PrintBase order collecting: this amount is the profit collected from each PrintBase order. If this order was refunded, the transaction showing the refund amount would be displayed in this invoice as well. To fully understand this invoice, kindly read more in this instruction.
Subscription fee collecting: this is paid for subscription billing of the store's plan.
Gift from ShopBase: bonus from event/program of ShopBase.
Pay out: Paid out invoice after merchants request to pay out PrintBase orders' profit.
Pay back from changing plan: the invoice when ShopBase refund the remaining after merchants change subscription plan (expired)
Received the pay-back because of the incorrect charge: for some specific stores in error cases
Received the subscription fee's refund: for some specific stores in error cases
CSV fulfillment service cost: fulfill by csv with Print Hub
Refund: Refund from ShopBase
Charge: Addtional charge from ShopBase
Affiliate cashback receiving: Cashback from Affiliate program
Print Hub order collecting: Charge from the Print Hub orders
Daily cashback receiving: the amount merchants received cashback from ShopBase daily.
Buy a domain: the fee of buying a domain on ShopBase.
Renenew a domain: the fee to renew a domain.
Gift from PrintBase: bonus from event/program of ShopBase.
Balance adjustment: the action of ShopBase Balance team to adjust the balance to correct the funds amount.
Transfer from Pending to Available balance: the action of transfering funds from Pending to review to Available to payout.

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B. Shop name

If your account has more than one store, you can search each store's invoice using this filter.

C. Type

Overall, there are two types of invoice on ShopBase Balance.
In invoices represent the amount that merchants receive into Balance from topping up or earning from other event, programs of ShopBase/PrintBase
Out invoices represent the amount that merchants paid to ShopBase/PrintBase services

Merchants can filter 3 resources at the same to get the best precise result of invoices to effectively manage their business.

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