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How to keep track on PrintBase orders collecting in Balance?

On PrintBase, with each order paid successfully, its profit would be immediately transferred into Balance, your store’s credit account. Each variation of order A, such as cancel or refund, would be put into its order invoice in Balance History. Here is the guideline to show you how to export the Balance transaction invoice and fully comprehend it.

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A. Export Balance invoice
B. Understand CSV file of PrintBase Balance invoice

A. Export Balance invoice

From your store admin site, go to Balance > View invoices.

You can filter your invoice by clicking on More filters and using criteria such as Shop Domain, Invoice, Status, Created date and Amount to narrow down the result based on your demand.

Filter by your own needs
To receive invoice about PrintBase orders only, you can choose these following criteria: Invoice > PrintBase order collecting. Then click Done.

This filter will display only PrintBase orders collecting invoice
Click Export invoices on the right corner of the screen then a csv. file will be delivered to your email address.

B. Understand CSV file of PrintBase Balance invoice

Below is an example of the Balance invoice of your store after downloading from your email address.

Explanation of file details:

Transfer from Pending to Available: The profit is transferred from Available soon to Available to payout status and you can request a payout to your PingPong, Payoneer account.
Charged from the order: The profit you received for that order.
Customer changed/canceled order: The refund amount for your customers because they request for the cancellation within 6 hours.
Withdraw to refund for buyer: The refund amount for your customers because they cancel your order with reasons.
Refund for seller: The refund amount for store owner with reasons.
Pay out for the request on (date): The payout transaction for your payout request on date.
Daily cashback receiving: The amount of cashback merchant earns via Cashback program of PrintBase.

Transaction is listed from newest to oldest and each invoice has its own Invoice Number. Therefore, you can filter all transactions of one invoice by rearrange in column Invoice Number.

Understand ShopBase Balance

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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