Dropshipping is one of the fastest and most low-risk ways to get started with the e-commerce world. However, once your business becomes bigger, it will be more and more difficult to manage the workflow.

Ali Dropship Connector is an app that helps you manage your Dropshipping products and orders.

In this article:
A. Why we need this app
B. Introducing all functions

A. Why we need this app

Ali Dropship Connector is definitely a helpful tool for any Dropshipping Business that is working on AliExpress to manage the business.

In other words, the app is a dropshipping managing app that helps dropshippers find, import and edit products from AliExpress to ShopBase, place multiple orders on AliExpress in one click, track shipping information... and manage the Dropshipping business in general.

One of the biggest problems that all Dropshipping businesses are facing is that they are spending too much time on the communication between the dropshipping suppliers and customers. Ali Dropship Connector brings them the system with the automatic fulfillment process which helps to shorten the process.

Working with one of the biggest online retail services nowadays: AliExpress - Dropship Connector makes it easy for you to import products from AliExpress to your own online store. Moreover, it provides an effective way to help you optimize your order fulfillment process.

B. Introducing all functions

Import products, edit product details and publish to ShopBase.

Import products quickly from AliExpress, sync all products and orders within 30 days from store to Ali Dropship Connector on installing, customize their information and instantly add them to merchant’s online store.

Change suppliers for products

Have one last check about supplier to maximize the profit with a cheaper supplier or mitigate the risk of failed orders.

Automatically fulfill multiple orders

Sync-up order status among AliExpress, Ali Dropship Connector, and ShopBase to prevent discrepancies. Fulfill orders with just a few clicks instead of mistake-prone copy and paste.

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