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Install apps into my ShopBase store

ShopBase provides sellers with a wide range of apps to help with sales growth. There are 2 types of apps: pre-installed and installable apps. In this article, we will show you how to install them on ShopBase store.

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A. Pre-installed apps
B. Installable apps

A. Pre-installed apps

Apps like Boost Upsell, Product Reviews, Boost Convert, PrintHub, Ali Dropship Connector have been pre-installed by ShopBase in stores. These applications cannot be deleted from the store. However, you can still enable and disable the Boost Upsell, Product Reviews, Boost Convert applications to allow app add-ons to be available or unavailable on the storefront by following the steps below:

From your ShopBase admin, go to Apps.

Toggle the switch to enable/disable the app on your store.

B. Installable apps

Some applications like SiteKit Promotion Bar & Popup, Migrate To ShopBase, and other third-party apps are not pre-installed when creating a store. You can manually install these apps and delete them on the store's app admin page by following the steps below:

From ShopBase admin site, go to Apps.

Click Visit ShopBase App Store.

In the ShopBase app store, browse and select the app you want to install using the search bar, the navigation menu, or categories.

In the detail page of the app you want to install, click Install this app.

After installing the app, if you want to delete it, click on the trash can icon of each app.

In the dialog, write any feedback for the app as you wish and click Uninstall.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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