You can set up Automatic updates in Settings tab. Note that AliExpress data will be automatically updated daily.

A. Automatically update product whenever the AliExpress product is no longer available:

Choose what you want Ali Dropship Connector to do when the supplier no longer has the product available.

Set quantity of product to Zero: This option will mark your product as "Out of stock". Your customers will be able to see it but will not be able to order it.
Unpublish product: This option will hide the product from your ShopBase store and it will no longer visible to your customers. If you want to re-publish the product, you will need to go to your store admin to do so manually.

B. Automatically update variant whenever the AliExpress variant is no longer available:

When this option is checked, Ali Dropship Connector will set the quantity of that variant to Zero when that variant is no longer available or out-of-stock on AliExpress.

C. Automatically update costs of Products:

When there are changes in the cost of products on AliExpress, the cost will be updated accordingly in My products page, Cost section.

D. Automatically allow placing orders whenever the AliExpress product cost changes:

When the merchant places an order with a product that has a different price from the AliExpress product, that order will fail. However, if this option is checked, when the differential amount matches the setting (10% or less, 15% or less or 20% or less), the order with a minor change in the price can still be placed. If this option is unchecked, when there is a price change, the order will fail and need to be reviewed and re-ordered.

Note: Remember to click the Save button after making any change to Settings.
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