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Understand the fulfillment and order status on Ali Dropship Connector app

Ali Dropship Connector is an application that helps you import and edit product information from Aliexpress to ShopBase store as well as manage and process dropshipping orders quickly in the most time saving manner. In this article, we will help you understand the order processing process with Ali Dropship Connector.

After the customer places an order, the order will appear in the Manage Orders section. Here, a list of store orders is displayed and categorized by different states in different tabs. All orders are listed in the All tab. Cancellation or refunded orders are listed on the Canceled tab. Failed orders will be displayed on the Failed tab. Orders that have been paid by the customer, waiting for the seller to order on the Aliexpress page to ship to the customer are listed on the Awaiting Orders tab.

Seller will order one or more items for daily orders on Ali Dropship Connector. Please refer to this article to know how to order on Aliexpress using Ali Dropship Connector. Orders that have been placed but not paid on AliExpress are listed under the Awaiting Payment tab.

Seller will login to Aliexpress to pay for the items ordered in the above step, then these orders will be moved to the tab Awaiting Shipment.

The supplier on Aliexpress, after receiving the payment, will pack the goods to the customer and generate the bill of lading code, then the orders will be moved to the Fulfilled tab.

Ali Dropship Connector application will get bill of lading code information from Aliexpress to ShopBase system.

Ali Dropship Connector application automatically marks the processing of orders with tracking numbers and orders that have been sent to customers. In case you want to process your order manually, please refer to this article.

ShopBase system will send an email to notify the order has been processed and delivered to the customer.

Order's status from Aliexpress will be synchronized twice a day at 0:00 UTC+0 and 12:00 UTC+0.

Understand Ali Dropship Connector app
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Updated on: 24/06/2024

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