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In Settings tab, you can set up Global pricing rule accordingly to the amount of profit you want to make selling the product.

There are two options for you to choose from: Multiply the cost by or Add more value to the cost.

By default, Ali Dropship Connector is setting the value ratio as 1-1 for Price and Compare at price for products you import from AliExpress into Ali Dropship Connector.

Multiply the cost by: You need to fill in the multiplier you want your product price to have. For example, a product that costs $10 and multiplies the price by 2 would have its price set to $20.

Add more value to the cost: You need to enter the amount you want to be added to the product's original price. For example, a product that costs $10 with an added amount of $5 would have its price set to $15.

The default currency is USD.

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