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Save and reuse block and section templates on Website Builder

On Website Builder, templates are pre-made designs that can be reused and customized. You can create font, color, block, section, and page templates. Then, you can reuse them on other pages on your current website, and even on other websites using the Link library feature.

When saving a block or a section as a template, you will need to sort it into a category in a library. Then, by using the Insert panel, you can add these templates from the corresponding category to your web page.

Step by Step Tutorials

From the Website Builder, click on a block or section that you want to save as template and click on the Save as template icon.

In the dialog, enter a name for your template.

In Library, search and select an existing library, or add a new one by entering the library's name and click Add.

In Category, search and select an existing category within the selected library. If your library has not contain any category yet or you want to create a new one, enter the category's name and click Add.

Select a tag for your template, or add a new one by entering the tag's name and click Add (optional).

Click Save once finished.

After your section/block templates are saved, they will be displayed in your selected category within the Insert panel so that you can quickly apply them for any other page on your store.

You can search for templates using names and tags when adding them to your website.
You can view the list of saved templates by going to Libraries. Please refer to this article for a complete guide to library on ShopBase Creator.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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