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Link library to reuse templates across stores on ShopBase Creator

On ShopBase Creator, by linking your library to different websites, you can reuse templates across various websites owned by you or other people.

Step by Step Tutorials

From your ShopBase Creator admin, access the website with the library you want to copy and go to Website > Themes.

In Libraries, each library has a library ID under their name. Copy the ID of the library you want to link.

Go to the target website where you want to link the library to. Under the Libraries section, click on Link a library.

In the dialog, enter the library ID that you have copied in step 2 and click Link library.

If someone wants to copy your library, they needs to have access or permission to the Themes section of your website admin.
When the process finishes, the linked library will appear in your library list. You can now insert all templates in that library when designing web pages for your website.

To disable a linked library, toggle the switch.

To remove a linked library, click the Remove button.

Click View to view a library and its templates.

Linked library and templates cannot be edited. If you disable or delete a library and its templates from your source website, they will be removed from all websites that this library is linked to as well. Please refer to this article for more detailed information on libraries.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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