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Overview of how to manage orders

Processing orders in a smooth and quick manner after customers placed orders is an important part of an online business. ShopBase provides a well-organized system to manage all orders in your store. Merchants can watch and edit information related to orders, understand order status, cancel or refund for customers, contact customers based on order information.
This section will guide you on how to use order managing tools offered by ShopBase to optimize store management.

In this section

View an order
View an order’s Timeline
Understand fraud analysis indicators
Prevent fraud on ShopBase
Add tags or notes, or edit an order
Contact a customer about an order
View the order status page of an order
Archive a fulfillment order
Cancel an order
Refund an order
View an order’s referrer
Edit a ShopBase order
Possible impacts of order editing

Updated on: 15/08/2022

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