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Creating winning print on demand products takes a lot of time and efforts. Before we get to that point, let's figure out how to create new products with PrintBase.

From the admin dashboard, go to Catalog.

Note: Please refer to the Mockup Library to explore how your artwork fit on our mockup.

Step 1: Choose the base product.

Select the product(s) you want on the Category by clicking Add product.

You can choose up to 25 products at a time but note that more than 9 products affect the shopping experience.

Click New Campaign after selecting all the desired products.

Step 2: Edit your campaign.


In this step, you need to choose the size/color variants you want to sell and upload the artwork that will be printed on your product.

Click Continue to go the next steps.

PrintBase will automatically select 10 or all colors if the number of colors is less than 10 and select 10 or all sizes if the number of sizes is less than 10.
PrintBase supports products with less than 100 variants.
After uploaded, the artwork will show at the center of the print area.


In this tab, you can enter the title and description for your campaign, choose your cover product, enable size chart widget as well as add tags to your campaign.


In this step, you can change Sale price and Compare at price. Profit will be automatically calculated for you. You can also Set individual price.

Note: PrintBase will automatically sync store's currency and change price on PrintBase to store's currency by using exchange rate.

Step 3: Launch campaign.

When you have finished creating your campaign, select Launch.

You can check your campaign by clicking View on Online Store.

The campaign will show up on your store as the screenshot below

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