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With the new features, creating print-on-demand products with PrintHub & PrintBase has become faster and more convenient. Before we get to that point, let's figure out how to successfully launch new campaigns with PrintHub & PrintBase.

On this page:
A. Choose the base product.
B. Edit your campaign design.
C. Create the personalized campaign.
D. Add the description campaign.
E. Launch campaign.

A. Choose the base product.

From the Admin Dashboard, go to Catalog.

Here is the interface of catalog.

Select all desired base products in different categories > Click Create new campaign.

Choose desired base products to create new campaign here.

Moreover, you could directly create a new campaign by going to Campaign in the Admin Dashboard.

Note: Please refer to the Mockup Library to explore how your artwork fit on our mockup. You can choose up to 25 products at a time but note that more than 9 products affect the shopping experience.

B. Edit your campaign design.

Choose the color variants you want to sell.

The product will change to the desired color when users hover the mouse over it, so users could review the design with each color.

You could select the color variants that fit your 2D design here.

However, users will not choose the color variants with All-over-print products.

Design the artwork.

After selecting the wanted product base, it will be shown a new editor in the dashboard that contains available template of each product. Users will prepare the artwork in advance to fit each template.

Moreover, users could create their own artwork by adding more layers (including image layer and text layer) and editing the position and content of the artwork.

In Layers section, add Image Layer or Text Layer > Upload the artwork that will be printed on the product.

Upload the artwork that will be printed on the product here.

Here are these files supported by ShopBase & PrintBase: .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG và . PSD

Click to Image layer or Text layer to edit the uploaded artwork.

Edit the layer printed on your product here.


In terms of other products, users could upload layers to each product or use the button Sync in the layer created with the previous product to sync to the others.

Kindly noted that when you activate the button Sync, all products will share the same layer which is located right below another synced layer with higher priority. However, if you update the synced layer on one product, other products will not be updated until users press the button Sync one more time.

Click the box Show print area to check whether the design fits the template or not.

Click Preview to overview your created campaign.

C. Create the personalized campaign.

After preparing the design by uploading each layer in Image layer or Text layer, you could scroll through the symbol in the left corner below to do your custom options.

In Custom options field, choose Add custom options section.

In Add Option menu, process to create your personalized campaigns by editing the type of custom options including Text field, Text area, Image, Picture choice and the relevant requirements that will be shown on your storefront.

Understand the different types of custom options:

Text field: Buyers could custom text in the product's design based on each demand.

Text area: Buyers could custom text in the product's design based on each demand.

Image: Buyers could upload their personal images to the product's design.

Picture choice: Buyers could select the favorite picture option printed in their product from a well prepared image and text list provided by the seller, instead of manually adding by themselves.

Understand the layers in creating a personalized campaign:

Each layer will be equal to the selected type by merchants.

Only the layers with same name on all products are listed in the layer field.

If there is no wanted layer available for merchant to set up in the personalized campaign in Layer field, merchants have to back to the artwork and change the file or the content of the word to ensure that that layer will be appeared in all products.

D. Add the description campaign.

After editing the artwork to fit your design, click to Continue to add the description campaign and its price.

In Campaign name field, you can both set price and enter the description for your campaign.


You can change Sale price and Compare at price. Profit will be automatically calculated for you. You can also Set individual price.

Note: PrintBase will automatically sync store's currency and change price on PrintBase to store's currency by using exchange rate.


You can add the title and description for your campaign, choose your cover product, enable size chart widget as well as add tags to your campaign.

Add the description and set price for your campaign here.

E. Launch campaign.

When you have finished creating your campaign, select Launch.

You can check your created campaign by clicking View on Online Store.

The campaign will show up on your store as the screenshot below.

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