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ShopBase Payments is currently supporting merchants from the USA, Canada. For other countries, this feature will be available soon in the future.


Which credit/debit cards are supported?
Your customers will be able to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JBC, UnionPay.

How about the fee?
The processing fee varies based on your current plan. You can find these details in the Plan pricing on your Store Dashboard.

What should I enter for EIN, SSN fields?
Write the Employer Identification Number of your company in the USA or Singapore for EIN.
Write your Social Security number or the last 4 digits in your passport number for SSN.

How to get a phone number for customer support?
Please refer to our guide here.

How to export Stripe Statement to submit for ShopBase Payments?
Please refer to our guide here.

Can I use both ShopBase Payments and PayPal?
ShopBase Payments is only an option beside the Stripe payment gateway. You can set up both PayPal and ShopBase Payments (for credit card processing) as normal. Transactions on PayPal won't be charged by ShopBase Payments.


Can payouts be sent to Payoneer or PingPong accounts?
Yes, you can apply for the Payoneer Visa card in the Banking information section on the KYC form to be paid out via Payoneer.

What are the payout times?
For First payout, you will receive it 7–10 days after your first successful payment is received.
Subsequent payouts are then processed daily for payments paid 7 days prior.
Please note that payouts to your bank account might take some more time to go through, depending on which bank you've chosen.

How do I get paid?
Your funds will be transferred to the bank account you have entered in Bank information of the form.

Does ShopBase Payments put holds on your merchant account?
We won't put any hold on new accounts unless there are risks, such as stores with high-risk products or a very high chargeback rate. We will work with you to check this.

Why does my payout show “Paid”, but no funds have been deposited?
We transfer funds every day, but most banks only process the transfer on business days. This means that if funds were sent to you on a holiday or a weekend, then you'll probably see the money in your bank the next day your bank is open. For transfers sent on business days, you should be seeing the funds by the next day.

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