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If you use ShopBase Payments, a support phone number with voicemail is essential.

Therefore, we prepare here some software and services that help to manage your Customer Support quality and can provide you a US Phone number with a reasonable price.

1. Sonetel

Current prices: Starts at $3.99 monthly for a Phone number and $0.011 per minutes as call rate

Sonetel concentrates on Phone Call Support service.

It provides communications solutions with some key features: call forwarding, call recording, telephone conferencing, and more.

By using Sonetel, you will pay for a phone number with the monthly or annual fee and also a call rate for every single call

Click here to get a phone number now.

2. Freshworks

Current prices: Start at $ 1 monthly for a Phone number and $ 0.016 per minute as call rate

a. Phone Number Service

Freshcaller by Freshworks will provide you a phone number and record all voicemails, missed calls so you can reach back later.

They will provide 14 days of free trial for you. After that, you will have to pay separately the package subscription and call rates.

Check Packages Information and Call rate details before using the service.

After that, check the Instruction to get a phone number here

b. Customer Support Tools

Beside Freshcaller, Freshworks has other tools that help to manage your emails, chats, and phone calls. Learn more >>

Some popular services from Freshdesk are:
Freskdesk: manage customer conversations in one place
Freshcaller: manage all phone calls
Freshchat: chat with customers

If your team is a fast-growing team with lot of customer inquiries every day, you can consider using those services.

Above are some suggestions from ShopBase. Let's improve your customer satisfaction rate now with those amazing tools!
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