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In some cases, we need your payment history in order to verify your account. Here's how you can export your Payment history from some popular payment providers.


We have found the best Stripe report that includes this information is the transaction report with all 50 Columns. You can refer to our Stripe Statement sample.

On the Stripe Dashboard:

Click the Payments tab on the left side menu

Click Export

Select the desired date range. (6 recent months are recommended)

Select the desired Columns by choosing All Columns (50) from the drop-down click Export.


In Paypal, to export your transaction history, you can visit Activity. You can refer to our PayPal Statement sample

In Activity tab, click Statement

Click Standard > Full to choose a date range to download

PayPal Statement

Pick a date range. (If you're submitting information for ShopBase Payments, you may want to choose the option Past 6 months)

For information security, you can remove all personal information of the buyers (such as emails and delivery locations) from your transaction history.

Click Create Report to download your transaction details.
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