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Effective email templates to boost your revenue

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails a business uses to communicate with current and potential customers. This planned content is distributed via email with the intention of accomplishing a specific goal for the business such as nurturing leads or encouraging engagement.

This article will provide you with some effective email templates to use as references for your manual and automated email campaigns.

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A. Benefits of email templates to your brand development
B. Welcome email
C. Storytelling email
D. Promotional email
E. Abandoned cart email

A. Benefits of email templates to your brand development

Email templates are HTML files used to create email campaigns. A good template will allow you to copy and paste content directly into the file and execute well on desktop, mobile, and across various email service providers. You can reuse the same template for multiple campaigns with varying content.

Instead of rewriting an entire email from scratch for every send, you can simply add copy, images, and links to an existing template before testing and sending it to your subscribers. Templates are one of the key tools used by successful email marketing teams to stay agile and scale their marketing efforts.

The following are some advantages of using templates in your email marketing strategy:
Save time and effort on designing content for every new campaign.
Ensure brand consistency and avoid mistakes when manually building content for each new campaign.
Simplify personalization by creating personalized email templates for different segments.
Increase customer satisfaction by delivering information in a consistent and professional manner.

B. Welcome email

A welcome email to new subscribers may include the following key elements:
Showing appreciation for signing up/becoming a customer.
Restating the value proposition of your brand/product/service.
Highlighting the next onboarding steps.
Listing helpful resources and guides with a call-to-action.
Explaining what to expect from your next emails.
Encouraging customers to engage further in case they have questions or need help.
Providing your contact information and links to social media pages.

Take a look at ShopBase’s welcome email template below:

C. Storytelling email

Storytelling in marketing is the use of a narrative to connect your brand or product to customers. With storytelling, you can create memorable content to build meaningful relationships with audiences, then motivate and persuade them to take action.

A storytelling email should be:
Useful info in a narrative
What motivates your team
What your brand stands for
About your customer
Emotional and engaging
A beginning, a crisis and a resolution
Interaction between your customers and brands

Take a look at ShopBase’s storytelling email template below:

D. Promotional email

Discounts and other types of promotions can give your sales a proper boost and a great way to communicate them is via email.

A promotional email is a marketing email written to your audience - whether they’re customers, leads, or subscribers - with information about a promotion you are running. You can create promotion emails for just about any offer you are running:
Limited-time offers.
Exclusive deals.
Seasonal or holiday promotions.
Product launches.
New arrivals.

Take a look at:
ShopBase’s discount offer email:

ShopBase’s special sales promotional email:

ShopBase’s special sales reminder email:

E. Abandoned cart email

An abandoned cart email is a follow-up message sent to someone who leaves a website without purchasing the items in their online shopping cart. Abandoned cart emails are typically sent to people who leave part-way through checkout, and can recover around 10% of lost revenue.

An abandoned cart email should contain:
Compelling email subject lines: Entice your customers to open your email.
Intriguing copy: Highlight the reasons why your shopper needs to buy.
Items in the cart: Show the abandoned products with high-quality images.
Discount codes: Give your customers the perfect incentive to purchase.
Clear call-to-action (CTA): Turn your buttons into major attention-grabbers.
Social proof: Make the offer more appealing through customer reviews.
Sense of urgency: Use time constraints to get indecisive customers to act.

Take a look at ShopBase's abandoned cart emails below:

First abandoned checkout email
Second abandoned checkout email
Third abandoned checkout email

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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