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Overview on how to drive Free Traffic to your store

Acquiring steady organic traffic is important for eCommerce business in the long run. You can grow these audiences into loyal customers and drive your business moving forward.

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A. Why you should get free traffic to your store?
B. How to get free traffic?

A. Why you should get free traffic to your store?


Instead of spending too much on paid traffic, learn to acquire organic traffic source is more cost saving, thus allowing you to invest on other aspects to effective grow your business
Organic traffic works wonder in the long run and gives you incredible results when paid traffic is exhausted.
Enhance brand awareness and secure brand loyalty.
Consistent traffic is beneficial for your website SEO.


Time consuming and it might take lots of effort to acquire new audience in the beginning.
Difficult to predict results so online merchants need to take tests on different channels to figure out which one works the best to generate free traffic

B. How to get free traffic?

Follow our basic SEO tutorials in this link.
Build your own social media accounts with effective marketing strategies to interact, communicate and promote a given website with no extra fee.
Leverage your online business with social forums/communities.

Basic SEO tutorials
Tips to optimize SEO for your ShopBase store
Leverage social media channels
Leverage your business with forums/ communities
Email marketing

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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