Email marketing is a proven solution to build loyalty and trust in your brand. This is a crucial factor to strengthen relationships with a wide range of customers in a personalized ways and increase sales at an affordable cost.
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A. What is email marketing?
B. Start building your email list
C. 7 Automated Email Campaigns That Win Customers and Keep Them Coming Back
D. Next Step: Create your Automated Email Campaigns with ShopBase

A. What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the practice of sending emails to promote, educate, or build relationships with prospective and current customers. Search engines and social media platforms can help to drive traffic but email marketing is the best way to maintain customers and secure brand loyalty. Email marketing is also inexpensive and effective compared to other methods of marketing.

A 2018 study from the DMA found that for every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses can expect an average return of $32.

B. Start building your email list

1. Set up a pre-launch page

Create a basic landing page on your domain that invites visitors to enter their email address to stay updated regarding your business. Make your visitors excited about your upcoming products and offer special discounts on your launch day.

2. Place opt-in forms across your site

You will need to ask your visitors to leave their email address in order to grow your email list. You may consider placing your opt-in forms on:
Site's header, navigation or footer.
Site's About Us page.
Site's blog or resource pages.
Create a pop-up form on your homepage or preferred specific location

3. Accelerate signups with lead magnets

Visitors will not always sign up just to be "updated" about your business, consider giving them an added incentive for sharing their email by creating a real offer.

Offer exclusive deals and discounts
Design a rewarding game
Give free access to educational content

Build your email list with Sitekit's popups & bars

D. 7 Automated Email Campaigns That Win Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

1. Abandoned cart email series

Remind what they left behind: Send this email after 24 hours containing the details of the cart they have abandoned.
Handle objections: Send this email after 48 hours listing product benefits and including FAQs to handle possible objections.
Offer a discount or incentive: Send this email after 72 hours to give extra motivation to complete the purchase.

2. Welcome email series

Welcome new subscribers: Your first email should be about welcoming the subscriber and bring out an overview about what your brand is all about and what they can expect from you.
Give users purchasing incentive: Offer exclusive deals and discounts or give free access to a content.
Set the right expectations: Inform subscribers what benefit they will be getting from your newsletters such as send helpful content, cool videos, promo codes, etc.
Encourage subscribers to connect on other channels: Include links to your social media profiles, phone number, a store locator and customer service.

3. Email nurture series

Educate subscribers: Inform subscribers about your products or other relevant audience or product related information.
Help subscribers get to know your brand: Create an email that tells the story of your brand and what's makes you the best choice.
Embrace storytelling: Share stories about you, your customers or someone that are both interesting, relevant to your brand and relatable for shoppers.
Engage based on site behavior: Send a follow-up message or solicit feedback after phone or live chat conversation with customer to improve the support and ultimately drive more sales.

4. New customer email series

Welcome email: Immediately send this email to welcome new customer into your tribe, perform brand indoctrination and let them know what’s next.
Check-in email: Send this email after 3 days to get in touch with customers and ask them how everything went.
Product arrival: Send this email 2 days after supposed delivery of the product to check if it actually arrived and, more importantly, if it arrived safely.
Product review: Send this email after 4-5 days of product arrival to ask customer's feedback.
Time-sensitive promotion: Send this email after 5 days to offer a discount on a product or category that is related to customers’ interests based on their previous purchase.
Follow-up promotion: Send this email a day after the time-sensitive promotion is sent to create urgency.

5. Repeat customer email series

Checking in: Send this email 2 days after the supposed product delivery. This is sent to make sure that the delivery went well and possible time ask for a good review.
Personalized recommendations: Send this email after 4 days to offer products personally tailored to the repeat customer.

6. Ecommerce email receipts

Ecommerce email receipts has one of the highest open rate therefore it is the perfect place to add product recommendations or links to your social media profiles.

7. Re-engagement email series
Meaningful discount: Send a “win-back” message that reignites subscribers interest and a return visit on your store.
Removal from list Kindly inform subscribers that they’ll be deleted from your list if don't respond or make a purchase.
Unsubscribed If they haven’t responded or made a purchase, follow through with your word and unsubscribe users.

E. Next Step: Create your Automated Email Campaigns with ShopBase
With ShopBase, your store have already have a set of built-in auto emails with beautiful templates & the email editor for you to easily customize the content inside.

To check out & customize these built-in auto emails, go to Setting >> Notifications >> Customer notifications in your dashboard, then just click on the email that you want to see & edit.

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