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Create new campaigns

With our built-in features, creating print-on-demand products with PrintBase, ShopBase (PrintHub), and PlusBase has become faster and more convenient. Before we get to that point, let's figure out how to successfully launch new campaigns with PrintBase, ShopBase (PrintHub), and PlusBase.

Please visit this link to see our demo campaign

In this article

A. Prepare all necessary files
B. Choose base products
C. Edit campaign design
D. Create a personalized campaign
E. Edit name, price and display of campaign
F. Launch campaign
G. Campaign status

A. Prepare all necessary files

Before creating a campaign, you should prepare all necessary artwork files that will be printed on the product. We allow sellers to create product designs by uploading multiple image files (image layers), and adding multiple layers of texts (text layers).

Supported image file formats: .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, and .PSD.
Supported color mode: RGB.

Please visit this link to download our resource package for a simple personalized campaign. In this resource package, you could find the sample assets as following:

A .PSD file for the template artwork used in this article.
Font files for text personalization.
.PNG files to picture choice personalization.

These files can be named upon your preference, however, simple names will be easily remembered and customized.

B. Choose the base product

Our base products are divided into many categories such as All Over Print, Apparel, Home & Living, etc. Find your desired base products in the corresponding category. To have an overview of all product’s specifications, please visit our catalog page.

From PrintBase admin, go to Catalog.

If you're using ShopBase (PrintHub), from ShopBase admin, go to Apps > Print Hub > Catalog.

If you're using PlusBase, from PlusBase admin, go to POD products > Catalog.

Select one of several desired base products in different categories. Click Create new campaign.

PrintBase interface: choose the product and click Create new campaign
Moreover, you can choose Campaigns on the admin dashboard. A new window Add more products will appear for you to choose the products. Next, click Update Campaign to start.

Create a campaign on All campaigns with PlusBase
Click Update Campaign to create a campaign
You can choose up to 25 products at a time but be aware that more than 9 products will affect the shopping experience of customers.

C. Edit your campaign design

After performing all the steps in section B, you will be directed to a new editor window where you can select the color variations of the product by clicking the + button in the Color section. You can preview products with the respective colors by hovering over the color boxes. Feel free to tick or untick the colors you want for your products.

Color variations are NOT applied on All-over-print products
After choosing color variations, you can select product's sizes in Size section.

All sizes will be selected by default. You can click on each size to select or de-select it. Tick Select all if you want to choose all sizes
Next, you can add text or image layer to your product's artwork by clicking Add text or Add image in Layers.

Designs need to follow the dimension and template of your desired products.
You can combine layers into different groups to easily organize and manage them, as well as to create campaigns with multiple design versions for your customers to choose from. Please refer to this article for more information about layer groups.

Click the Image layer to edit the uploaded artwork in terms of Location, Size, Rotation, Opacity, etc. of each artwork.

Click the Text layer to edit Text, Font, Size, Color, Letter case, Location, Rotation, Opacity.

For campaigns with multiple products, you can synchronize layers of one product to another by using the Link, Sync, and Auto-sync buttons. Please refer to this article on how to use these buttons.

Link, Sync, and Auto-sync buttons

In case you want to align the layer in the print area, click on the buttons Scale to fit, Center vertical and Center horizontally as shown below.

Scale to fit: Align the layer to fit in the center of the print area, meeting the DPI resolution requirement (usually 150DPI).
Center vertical: The layer will be centered vertically.
Center horizontally: The layer will be centered horizontally.

To duplicate, flip, delete an image layer, please select that layer and click the buttons as shown below.

Duplicate: Duplicate layer.
Flip vertical: Flip the image vertically.
Flip horizontal: Flip the image horizontally.
Delete in this product (left trash can): Delete the layer on the currently selected product.
Delete in all products (trash can on the right): Delete the layer on all products.

You can flip the image even if the image is rotated.

Zoom in/Zoom out:

The default zoom level displayed in the work area is 100%.

Click the +/- button to zoom in/out by 10% per click. The maximum zoom level is 200% and the maximum zoom level is 50%.
Use the slider to zoom in/out.
Double click the + button to increase to 200%, double click the - button to decrease it to 50% immediately.
Hold the Spacebar and drag the mouse (your mouse cursor changes to a hand icon) to move the work area

Click Keyboard shortcuts to refer to the keyboard shortcuts list.

Keyboard shortcuts in WindowsKeyboard shortcuts in MacAction
Ctrl + DCmd + DDuplicate layer
Shift + BackspaceShift + DeleteDelete current selected layer
Ctrl + PCmd + PPreview
Ctrl + Shift + ↑Cmd + Shift + ↑Bring selected layer to front
Ctrl + Shift + ↓Cmd + Shift + ↓Bring selected layer to back
Ctrl + =Cmd + =Zoom in 10%. If the current zoom is 200%, this keyboard shortcut cannot be performed.
Ctrl + -Cmd + -Zoom out 10%. If the current zoom is 50%, this keyboard shortcut cannot be performed.

Tick Show print area to check if your design is compatible with the print area.

Click Preview to see the mockup for your product.

Click Update mockups to select and arrange the product mockups. Please refer to this article on how to update your product mockups.

D. Create a personalized campaign

You can add personalization to designs on products. This feature will allow buyers to add/select/change text and images upon their wish to print on the product. If you do not add this feature to your campaign, please go to part E to edit name, price, display of campaign, then part F to launch campaign.

Please refer to this article on how to add personalization by creating custom options for your campaign.
After setting up all custom options for your personalized campaign, you can set up conditional logic for them. This will shorten your option list and build a flexible flow to collect customer's personalized information. Please check out this article for more information on how to set up conditional logic.

You can read this article for a step-by-step guide on how to create personalization in your campaign: Step-by-step Guide: Create a personalized couple campaign with advanced custom options such as Text, Picture choice, Droplist, and Checkbox, along with conditional logic for some options.
You can edit personalization for your campaigns by following the instructions in this article. However, campaigns created before March 15th, 2021 won’t be editable.

E. Edit name, price and display of campaign

After editing the artwork to fit your design (and create custom options for your personalized campaign), click Continue to add the description, change sale price, title and tag.

Page where you can edit price, title, description and product tags
Profit Calculator: You can view your campaign's estimated profit based on the number of products you want to sell and the Sale price of your products.

This estimated profit is an approximation and may differ from the actual profit. Please refer to this article on how your PrintBase order profit is calculated.
Pricing: You can change Sale price and Compare at price. Profit will be automatically calculated for you. You can also set individual price for each product variant.

PrintBase will automatically exchange price on PrintBase to your store's currency by using current exchange rate.
Title: You can add title to your campaign. Maximum number of characters for one campaign is 255.

Description: We have available descriptions for your campaign, so what you add to Description will be displayed on product page.

Tags: You can add tags to your campaign and separate each keyword of a tag using comma.

Select product main image: You can select the main product and color that highlight your design the best.

Staff: You can create and assign staff to your campaign to analyze their performance in Analytic dashboard.

F. Launch campaign

When you have finished section E, press Launch to officially launch the campaign to the store.

Campaigns will be launched and available with first images of each variant, along with other campaign's information (such as title, description, sale prices, etc.), for you to start selling first. Other images will be launched afterwards.
You can view your campaign on storefront by clicking View on Online Store according to campaign name in the All campaigns page.

This is how your campaign will be displayed on the store

G. Campaign status

Please visit this article for a guide on different campaign statuses.

To ensure seamless operation of your stores, limitation will be set for campaigns created, duplicated and bulk duplicated daily on a store. Please refer to this article for more information.

Overview of campaign
Create a personalized campaign
Create a personalized couple campaign
Understand campaign statuses
Campaign FAQs & Troubleshooting

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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