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Win Wheel is a feature that the SiteKit app offers to collect emails from customers who have visited your store. This feature makes the user experience on the page more interesting as it allows customers to play spinning games to receive attractive gifts, in return they will leave emails instead of just displaying plain content like other Popup types. Each slice on the wheel will correspond to an offer, there are also wheel slices with no incentives. When visitors spin Win Wheel and win the offer, they can continue to shop on the page with that offer. It's also a creative tactic for collecting email addresses from your customers without bothering them.

How a Win Wheel displays
This articles will guide you how to create a Win Wheel for your store via SiteKit.

Step by step Tutorial

From the dashboard, go to Apps >> SiteKit Promotion Bar & Popup, click Popup

Click Create new Popup

Choose Goal tab in the left column: Choose the goal Collect Emails with Win wheel

Click Design tab to customize your Win wheel with a preview right on the screen

Layouts: Where you want the Win wheel to be shown with options such as No hero image, Top hero (image displayed on the top), Left hero (image displayed on the left), Right hero (image displayed on the right)
Appearance: How your Win wheel appears (background color, text color, wallpaper, etc.)
Edit Wheel: How the slices of the wheel are displayed (label text color, logo, etc.) Click Configure Wheel Slices to adjust the content, ratio and discount codes of each slice
Hero Image: Background image
Content: A Call-to-Action to attract the user to play your Win wheel

You can add promotions to Win Wheel by clicking on Configure Wheel Slices
Go to Settings tab to change how your Win wheel will be shown

Customer trigger: Choose which group of customers to see the Win wheel
Show SiteKit brand: Choose if you want the SiteKit logo to be displayed or not
When does it display: When you want the popup to display (Immediately, Exit intent, After scrolling a little, When visitor clicks button)

Move to Targeting tab to change:

Show the popup on the following pages: Which page you want the popup to display, On all pages, On pages I specify
After a conversion, don't display this site element to that user for : How long you want the pop up to not display to that user
After a user closes this site element, don't display it again to that user for: How long you want this to not display again to that user

Go to Conversion to change:

Sub message if you want to remind the customer to use the code
Button text if you want to customize the Call-to-Action button
Add a service if you want to link your SiteKit account with an email service

Click Save & Publish button to complete


The Win wheel works when the customer put their name and email address in the fields, and click the Spin button
SiteKit can not generate a code itself, please create a discount code on your store admin then paste it there

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