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Create a Popup with SiteKit

In E-commerce, a popup contains information about a promotion or encourages a customer to take an action on the page. Popups are used by the majority of online businesses these days to indirectly increase store revenue. With SiteKit, you can easily create many types of Popup for your online store for many different purposes such as collecting customer emails, increasing social media followers, introducing promotional codes to customers, directing customers to a specific address on the page, and more.

In this article, we will guide you to create these types of Popup for the store, particularly, Popup that collects customers' emails. Below is an illustrative example of the type of Popup that introduces promotions and collects customer emails created by SiteKit.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > SiteKit Promotion Bar & Popup.

In Popup, click Create new Popup

Choose the Goal of your popup in the Goal tab: Collect emails; Collect emails with win wheel; Collect email, social followers with coupon; Get social shares; Target a URL.

Go to the Design tab to customize the content and appearance of your popup

Layout: Choose the layout of the pop-up, with No hero image, Top hero, Left hero, Right hero.
Appearance: Choose the color of the call-to-action button, the Popup background image from the available graphic templates, and the Popup background color.
Hero Image: Upload the image from your device or choose one in the ShopBase Popup background collection.
Content: Edit the call-to-action displayed on Popup to encourage customers to interact with the Popup, add a link to the store's social networking sites (for Popup type Collect emails, get social followers with coupon and Get social shares), or add a link to the page that wants to direct customers to visit (for Popup Target a URL type).

Once your design is finished, go to the Settings tab in the left column to set up how the Popup is displayed.

Customer trigger: Choose which type of customers to show the Popup.
Show SiteKit brand: Choose whether to display SiteKit logo on Popup or not.
When does it display (choose when the Popup displays): Select Immediately to have Popup show up as soon as a customer enters the page, Exit intent so Popup appears when the customer intends to leave your site, X seconds delay to have Popup appear several seconds after the customer land on your site, After scrolling a little to let customers read your site and scroll down a little then show the popup, When visitor clicks button for popup to appear when the customer clicks on the Popup icon button on the page.
Coupon Code (s) (this field only appears for Popup Collect emails, get social followers with coupon): Enter the promo codes so that when the customer takes action is recommended on Popup, a promo code will appear. You must create promotional codes in advance on the ShopBase admin page before using them in this field.

In the Targeting tab you can change the settings such as:

Show the popup on the following pages: Select the page that Popup displays, it can be On all pages or On pages I specify.
After a conversion, don't display this site element to that user for: Choose the period of time when Popup is not visible to customers who have purchased a product.
After a user closes this site element, don't display it again to that user for: Select how long Popup is not visible to customers who have seen and closed Popup

Then, go to the Conversion tab to set up your notification content after the customer takes the recommended action on Popup.

This Conversion section only appears for Popup Collect emails and Collect emails, get social followers with coupon.

After a visitor submits an email address, what do you want to do on your site?: Choose the next action you want the system to take after the customer sends their email information such as sending them a thank you message (by selecting Show a default message or Show a custom message) or direct them to another page on the store (by selecting Redirect the visitor to a URL).
Add a service: This allows you to connect SiteKit to another third-party email marketing service.
Sub message (only appear for Popup type Collect emails, get social followers with coupon): Edit the content of the notification.
Button text (only appears for Popup type Collect emails, get social followers with coupon): Edit the content of the call-to-action button.
Popup title (only available for Popup type Collect emails, get social followers with coupon): Edit Popup title.

After finishing all the steps, click Save & Publish

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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