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Create a Smart Bar with SiteKit

Smart Bar allows you to create different kinds of header bar on your website, based on the goals of your marketing efforts such as: generate more sales with a promotional campaign, encourage visitors to subscribe to nurture sales funnel, attract customers’ attention to new collections, etc.

Smart Bar will be displayed like this
This article will guide you on how to create a Smart Bar with SiteKit.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Apps > SiteKit Promotion Bar & Popup, choose Smart Bar.

Click Create new Smart bar.

Choose the Goal of your bar: Collect emails, Target a URL or Make announcement.

Click Design tab to customize your Smart Bar:

Appearance: How your Smart Bar appears (background color, action color, wallpaper)
Message: A Call-to-Action to attract the user to take action.
Button: Text button and button icon.
Text field: Email address sample.
URL Target: The link you want customer to be redirected to.

The Target URL section only displays when you select a target as Target a URL. The Text field section only displays when you select the target of Collect emails. The Button section only displays when you select a target as Target a URL or Collect emails.

Move to Settings tab to change how your Smart Bar will be shown:

Allow visitors to hide bar or not.
Push page down or not: If enabled, Smart Bar will attempt to push your header menu down so that the bar does not cover your menu.
Remain in place on scroll: If enabled, your Smart Bar will stay visible to user as they scroll up or down your page.
When does it display: When you want the Smart Bar to display. You can choose Immediately when customers visit the page, choose Exit intent when the user begins to leave, choose specific time to appear, choose After scrolling a little, etc.).
Customer trigger: Which group of customers you want them too see the Smart Bar.
Smart bar position: Where the Smart Bar to be shown (top or bottom).
Custom CSS: Customize your design by writing custom CSS code.
Show SiteKit brand: Show SiteKit logo on Popup or not.

Go to Targeting tab to change:

Show the popup on the following pages: Choose pages for popup to display, such as On all pages or On pages I specify.
After a conversion, don't display this site element to that user for: After a conversion, how long you want the pop up to not display to that user.
After a user closes this site element, don't display it again to that user for: After a user closes this popup, how long you want this to not display again to that user.

Move to Conversion section to change:

This is only applicable if you choose the target as Collect emails. If you choose others, you can skip this step.

After a visitor submits an email address, what you want them to do: this could be showing a default/custom message or redirecting them to a URL).
Message display time.
Add a service: if you want to link your SiteKit account with an email service.

Click Save & Publish to publish your new header bar on your website.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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