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Smart Bar allows you to create different kinds of header bar on your website, based on the goals of your marketing efforts such as: generate more sales with a promotional campaign, encourage visitors to subscribe to nurture sales funnel, attract customers’ attention to new collections…

Creating a smart bar is very simple:

On app’s dashboard >> Smart Bar tab >> Click Create new campaign

Choose the Goal of your bar: Collect emails, Target a URL or Make announcement

Edit the Design of the bar, including the appearance and content of the bar

Appearance: Customize the background color and wallpaper to best fit your web and campaign.
Message: Choose an attractive message for your header bar to make your offer irresistible.
Button: a Call-To-Action button to make your shoppers can’t help but click on it.
Text field (for Collect Emails bar only): Customize the example for the email form
URL target (for Target a URL bar only): Where your shoppers are led to when they click on the bar or the button.

Edit visibility, including the location and time for the bar to appear. Then hit Save and Publish to publish your new header bar on your website.

Step 3: Edit the design

This is an example of how Smart Bar looks on your website:

SiteKit's Smart Bar on website
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