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Understand PayPal checkout issues

During sales operations, you might sometimes encounter errors when checking out using PayPal payment method. This article summarizes some problems that may happen, along with the reasons why they happen and how to solve them.

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A. Error in PayPal section on checkout page
B. Problems while processing orders using PayPal

A. Error in PayPal section on checkout page

You may get the error message Something went wrong. We’ll take you back to checkout so you can try again in PayPal payment method on checkout page. The message would be shown as in the following image.

Here is an error in PayPal section on checkout page
Reason: Anti-fraud mechanism of PayPal may consider this transaction as fraud and will not allow customers to checkout.


Firstly, the customer needs to enter correct card information.

Then, shipping information and billing information should match with each other and match with the card's information.

For example: If the customer is using a credit card issued in the United States, shipping and billing information should also be in the United States.

In case credit card, shipping and billing information are correct, but the customer still cannot check out, PayPal Express checkout flow can be used as an alternative. Kindly follow this article to activate PayPal Express Checkout on your store.

B. Problems while processing orders using PayPal

Sometimes while checking-out using PayPal, customers may see the error message There was a problem processing order. Please try again later.

Reason: The merchant’s PayPal account may be restricted and cannot receive payments at the moment.

Solution: The merchant should double-check on the ShopBase dashboard if his account is working well. If the account is restricted, the merchant needs to contact PayPal for support and request to re-open his account. In the meantime, the merchant can also add another PayPal account to use as an alternative.

Please refer to the article Why is my PayPal account limited? for more details about the reasons why your PayPal account may be limited. To solve this issue, kindly refer to this article for further details.

Here is an error when processing order on checkout page

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Updated on: 18/08/2022

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