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A. How does PayPal Express Checkout work?

B. Advantage of using PayPal Express Checkout on store

C. Hide Express Checkout button on Checkout page

A. How does PayPal Express Checkout work?

PayPal Express Checkout is an advanced program from PayPal that makes your checkout process quicker and more trustful. ShopBase intergrate PayPal Express Checkout for all stores that using 3-step checkout, the buyer's shopping process will be shortened to:

Visits your website and selects their items
Choose Checkout with PayPal Express
Be redirected to their PayPal account to login
Confirm their purchase

The reason is that PayPal will be shown on the first and third steps of the Checkout Process as a payment method, customers can choose to use their PayPal to purchase right away.

All steps will be done directly on the Checkout Page. Also, shipping address & phone number will be prefilled with the address in their PayPal account.

For store that using One Page Checkout, The PayPal Express Checkout button will only shown if the PayPal smart button is not being activate

B. Advantage of using PayPal Express Checkout on store.

Note: PayPal Express Checkout will be automatically activated for ShopBase

Make Checkout Process simple

The shopping experience will be easy and smooth since customers can move through check out quickly. It plays a major role in improving your conversion rate and avoiding the abandonment since most of the visitors have the intention to drop on Checkout step.

Build trust

In-context’ payment helps customers to pay with confidence and review transaction details immediately. It will increase customer confidence on your site.

No monthly fees

You only need the PayPal business account to set up PayPal Express Checkout, which is free. There's no monthly fee or set-up charge

Be available for desktop, mobile and tablet shopping

PayPal Express Checkout has been optimized for all shopping channels: Mobile, tablet and desktop.

C. Hide Express Checkout button on Checkout page

In case you don't want to show this button on the checkout page, you can disable it with the steps below:

From your ShopBase admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Customize > Checkout Page.

Under the More Customization section, write the following scripts in the custom CSS code box. Click Save when you finish.
.dynamic-checkout {
display: none;

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