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This article explains the metrics in ShopBase's Analytics reports, so you can understand your store's performance so you can come up with new business plans to improve sales.

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A. Understand total sales
B. Undestand total orders
C. Understand Average order value (AOV)
D. Understand Average order items (AOI)
E. Understand Abandoned checkouts recovery
G. Understand traffic source
H. Understand product performance

A. Understand total sales

Total sales are the total profits (including delivery fee and taxes) from successful payments of your store, in which:

Online store: profits come from customers who buy products in your store
Total sales via Boost Upsell: profits from products suggested by Boost Upsell to customers

Refunded or partially refunded sales amounts will be deducted on the date of the refund.

B. Understand Store conversion rates (CR)

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal (a conversion) out of the total number of visitors. A high conversion rate is indicative of successful marketing and web design: It means people are interested in what you're offering and pay for it!

Online store: conversion rate of customers buying products on your store
Boost Upsell conversion rate: conversion rate of customers buying suggested products by Boost Upsell
The column graph in Conversion funnel shows the percentage of visitors taking actions on the page from view product pages, added to cart, reached checkout, to sessions converted. For high conversion rate, sellers must improve rate of each mentioned phase, thereby improving the rate of sessions converted - the most important action in store. In order to carry this out effectively, you need to consider user experience at each phase. Keep in mind what they want and how you can offer them.

C. Undestand total orders

Total orders are the total number of orders your store has. This number includes refunded and canceled orders apart from deleted orders. Deleted orders will be subtracted from the date the order (s) were created.

Online store: the total orders that customers buy on your store
Total orders via Boost Upsell: total orders of customers who buy extra products via suggestions of Boost Upsell.

D. Understand Average order value (AOV)

Average order value (AOV) tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile app. If each customer spends more on an order, the total store profits will increase. This explains why AOV is a significant value that businesses need to analyze and improve.

The formula of this metrics: Average Order Value = [Total Sales including Refunded + Canceled] / [Total Orders].

In AOV analysis report:

Online store**: AOV rate is only applied to orders customers make on your store.
AOV via Boost Upsell: AOV rate of product orders that Boost Upsell suggests customers to buy.

E. Understand Average order items (AOI)

Average order item (AOI) tracks the average product bought each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile app. If each customer buys more products, the total sales will increase. That's why AOI plays such an important role that businesses need to analyse and improve.

The formula of the metrics: Average order items = [Total order items, including both refunded + canceled orders] / [Total orders].

In the AOI analysis report:

Online store: AOI rate is only applied to orders that customers make on your store
AOI via Boost Upsell: AOI rate from orders that Boost Upsell recommends to customers

F. Understand Abandoned checkouts recovery

An abandoned checkout is a situation where a customer has added items to their cart, provides some contact information, but does not complete the checkout. ShopBase provides tools to send email/SMS for stores to encourage customers to finish their checkout process.
This will be compiled in Abandoned checkouts recovery.

% rate: the percentage of finished Abandoned checkout orders after sending email/SMS to remind about completing the orders vs. the total Abandoned checkout orders.
Order: the total Abandoned checkout ordes that customers complete after sellers have sent email/SMS to remind about checkout completion.
Revenue: total revenues of Abandoned checkout orders that customers complete after sellers send email/SMS to remind about checkout completion.
Email/SMS conversion funnel: the graph shows the percentage of orders that customers take action fom Sent (the number of orders receiving email/SMS that remind about checkout completion) - Clicked (the number of orders that customers click on the links in email/SMS reminding checkout completion) - Order complete (the number of orders customers have complete checkout after clicking on the links in emails/SMS reminding about checkout completion). You can see the effectiveness of each email or SMS channel or both by clicking on the All drop-down menu in this section.


Under some circumstances, the total number of completed orders in Order category is higher than the number of orders in Order complete category. This is because after receiving email/SMS reminding about checout completion, customers can visit the website and finish their orders in different ways. For instance, direct access or access via clicking on the link in email/SMS. They are all counted in the Order category. Other indirect methods (re-entering the homepage and then going to the checkout page) will not be counted.

G. Understand traffic source

Traffic source is the source linking customers to your page. It also tells you where your visitors are from.

H. Understand product performance

This category illustrates Top products by view and Top products by unit sold, and T**op products without order**. You can have a look at these by selecting Product performance in the right corner of the screen.

The results will show lists of items with Views, Orders, Unit sales, Sale/order, Conversion rate, and Revenue.

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