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Tips to increase AOV and AOI for Dropshipping stores

Upselling and cross-selling are 2 of the most effective ways to boost an online store's revenue and improve customer satisfaction. ShopBase will provide you with some tips to optimize upselling and cross-selling for your dropshipping store, as well as popular methods to increase AOV (Average order value) and AOI (Average order items).

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A. Offer free shipping to encourage customers to add more products into cart
B. Provide quantity discount offers
C. Create bundles for groups of complementary products
D. Suggest products using In-cart offers
E. Create Post-purchase offers

A. Offer free shipping to encourage customers to add more products into cart

Recognizing buyer psychology, the store should provide free shipping when the customer's total order value exceeds $XX.

Offer appealing coupons and discount codes (discounts by percentage or specific amounts, buy X get Y, etc.)
Offer free shipping for orders with total value greater than the Average order value (AOV) of your store. Customers will be encouraged to add 1 or 2 more items to their carts in order to meet the minimum amount required for the free shipping offer.

B. Provide quantity discount offers

With this strategy, you'll need to define what the goal of this offer is for:

Attract new customers.
Increase the number of items sold.
Earn regular customers.

You should offer Quantity discounts for product bundles. That is, rather than lowering the price of specific products/services, you should offer discounts for a certain number of products purchased together.

When you offer quantity discounts on specific products, you are improving the customer experience because the more they buy, the more discounts they get. For example, suppose you recommend a new dress to a buyer and offer 10% off if the buyer buys 1 and $20 off if the buyer buys 2 or more. Alternatively, with other products, you can apply buy 2 get 5% off, 3 get 10% off, and 4 get 15% off, etc.

C. Create bundles for groups of complementary products

Consider creating Bundles to be more than just adding a collection of items to a specific product page, but also doing so consistently, and actively measuring/reviewing the AOV, AOI metrics of your store to make appropriate adjustment.

For every item that you sell, suggest related products and create a combo of them together.

Create product combinations that are relevant to each other, and consider the value they bring to the buyer.
Create reasonable combos to allow customers to purchase more than one item in a single order.
Determine which products customers frequently purchase together.

For example, use the Bundle feature to create incentives for customers to buy products in combos: buy a maxi dress along with eyeglasses and sun hat to get 15% off.

Another example would be that if you sell scented candles, customers will be encouraged to purchase 3-5 jars of scented candles in various scents in order to receive discounts and to sample a variety of scents.

Or you can combine other items with the target product for DIY purposes. For example, the main product is a phone case, which can be combined with a screen protector and a phone strap to make a combo.

D. Suggest products using In-cart offers

You can still offer upsell items after the customer clicks the Add to Cart button and is redirected to the cart page. To encourage customers to add the suggested products to their cart, you should offer promotion in conjunction with upselling and free shipping offers.

On the cart page, product suggestions should be complementary to the main product, and a clear Call to Action should be displayed so that customers can easily add more products to their cart and begin paying for their orders.

E. Create Post-purchase offers

Post-purchase is regarded as an effective method because it allows you to upsell/cross-sell without forcing customers to place an order and enter payment information again.

Post-purchase offers will recommend additional products to customers who have recently completed payment for their orders on your store. These product recommendations will appear on the Thank you page, which your customers will be redirected to after completing payment for their orders.

With dropshipping products, ShopBase recommends that you continue to follow the rules of recommending complementary and related products to your customers.

A good sales outreach strategy is required to optimize the performance of these upsell offers on your store. Knowing your goal and aligning it with the appropriate pattern of discounts allows you to avoid the usual challenges that come with it and instead generate more orders, sales, and profits.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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