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Welcome to ShopBase - the cross-border made easy e-commerce platform that helps all dropshipping, Print-on-demand merchants & online retailers to build and scale their online business.

This article will walk you through the necessary information you should know before you decide to set up an ecommerce website.

In this article:

A. ShopBase Dropship, ShopBase Print-on-demand, and PrintBase Overview

B. Differences between ShopBase, PrintBase, PrintHub

C. Build & Scale White-label business

A. ShopBase Dropshipping, ShopBase POD, and PrintBase Overview

ShopBase Dropshipping

ShopBase offers a proven solution for all online merchants to start their dropshipping business at ease. Either you have suppliers on AliExpress and other third parties or still looking for one, you can find a way to build an online store using this guide of How to build a dropshipping website with ShopBase.

ShopBase POD (Print-On-Demand)

Recognizing the merchant's struggle to manage a print-on-demand store, ShopBase has released Print Hub app and PrintBase platform to support stores with different goals. To learn more, please refer to our complete guide of
How to build a print-on-demand website with ShopBase or
How to build a print-on-demand website with Printbase

Their similarities
Online Automated Store Builder – Ready-to-use store in just one click!
With ShopBase innovative store builder, there’s no need to create your website from scratch, or any technical skills. Whether you choose to go with a general/niche dropshipping store or print-on-demand business, you’ll receive a fully-hosted store the moment you sign up with ShopBase.

Powered by ShopBase, PrintBase also allows you to create a fully customized and optimized Print-on-demand online store in just a few clicks.

ShopBase's Store Builder

PrintBase's Store Builder

All are optimized for conversion funnel
Every feature on ShopBase and PrintBase is all well designed with the aim of optimization and boosting the website’s conversion rate, which also helps to influence the buying decision of customers. With ShopBase, you will have the utmost chance to convert every visitor into customers in your store.

Display the “Add-to-Cart” button on every screen and set up the social proof as well as the stock limit/countdown timer to encourage customers to make quick buying decisions.
Showcase the “Trust badges” on the product pages, checkout pages, etc. in order to increase the reliability and credibility of your store.
Optimize one-page checkout to save time for your customers and recover the abandonment rate up to 61.45%.
Built-in features like Upsell & Cross-sell to increase the store’s average order value up to $61.76.
Show discount codes/ free shipping offer on sticky header bar or exit-intent popup as a killer incentive to convert visitors to buyers.

Apart from that, the page loading speed is no longer a problem for online merchants during rush seasons. With new technology applied by both ShopBase and PrintBase, the page loading speed of merchants’ stores has been upgraded as you don’t have to reload the whole page but only the newly updated content.

This is a crucial factor for online merchants to promote their stores and give customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Extremely affordable pricing plan

ShopBase and PrintBase offer you a 14-day free trial with no credit card requirement or any string attached. Especially when compared to other popular POD/dropshipping platforms like Shopify, ShopBase pricing plan is much more profitable as online merchants can leverage their online website by using Free powerful features (default store optimization for high CR, easy storefront customization, auto-sync Paypal tracking…).

The best thing is that you can get full access to ShopBase and PrintBase Appstore with no extra fee charged to optimize your website and skyrocket sales.

B. Differences between ShopBase, PrintBase, PrintHub

1. Pricing plan
PrintBase : Compared to other Print-on-demand platforms like Teespring, Teechip, Gearlaunch, etc, PrintBase’s base cost is guaranteed to be among the cheapest in the market.
ShopBase: Meanwhile, ShopBase offers you a fully-hosted service at only $19/month to help you start your online business in a secure way with unlimited products and free built-in features. You can check ShopBase's plans here.
PrintBase's pricing plan compared to other platforms'

2. Fulfillment service

PrintBase: As a specialized platform for Print-on-Demand business, PrintBase will handle everything for you from creating products to fulfillment service. You don’t need to pay any extra fee to install third-party apps or plugins at all.

Right the moment your customers finish checking out, PrintBase will immediately process the orders and handle your orders with lightning speed as it takes only 1 to 3 days for 2D products and 3 to 4 days for 3D products.

With PrintBase smooth order processing, you can focus entirely on researching and brainstorming your trendy, creative designs to scale your print-on-demand business at its finest.

ShopBase: With ShopBase, you can install Printhub then connect to print-on-demand fulfillment partners of ShopBase for free and fulfill your products. PrintHub will help you to:

Fulfill automated products that help to reduce the burden while running your print-on-demand website.
Product fulfillment with high quality, fast shipping time, and very competitive base cost.
The best thing is that PrintHub comes with no extra fee!. You could install this app into your store in just 1 click!

Online merchants will still be in charge of customer service to deal with order complaints and handle payment issues only when PrintHub’s fulfillment service doesn’t meet the processing/shipping due date or deliver flawed products. On the other hand, this will require you to invest more time and resources to handle this amount of workload.

Besides, PrintHub will constantly keep you updated with new products including 2D/3D items, and automatically process payment through ShopBase Balance.

You can still find your own supplier and fulfillment service to run your print-on-demand business with ShopBase.

3. Payment Gateway

PrintBase: Unlike other platforms, with PrintBase, you don’t have to add in any extra information or integrate any other third-party payment methods. PrintBase built-in payment gateway allows you to withdraw your payout after only 3 days without having to wait for customers to receive their orders. With PrintBase responsive and smooth built-in payment gateway, there’s no need to worry about the payment dispute and unclear payment pending or blocked account.
ShopBase: With ShopBase, it’ll be flexible to process and receive money as ShopBase allows you to integrate multiple payment options such as Paypal, Stripe, ShopBase payments, BrainTree, and to your online store.

4. Customer Service

PrintBase: PrintBase as store owners’ representative, also takes care of your customers’ complaints and supports them to resolve frequently asked questions about return/refund policy, order tracking, etc, and keep the dispute rate under 0.5% with our service!
ShopBase: When using ShopBase to run your print-on-demand business, you’ll still actively manage and control the customer service in your store to resolve customers’ complaints.

C. Build & Scale White-label business

Please refer to this article about how to How to build a private label business with ShopBase.
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