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Request CJ Dropshipping products in PlusBase

With PlusBase, you can easily request additional products directly from CJ Dropshipping. This article offers guidance on the procedure for requesting CJ Dropshipping products within the PlusBase platform.

To request AliExpress products, please follow the article Request AliExpress products in PlusBase for more information.

In this article

A. Request CJ Dropshipping products
B. Import requested CJ Dropshipping products to your store
C. Frequently asked questions

A. Request CJ Dropshipping products

From your PlusBase admin site, go to Dropship products > Product Request > Import product.

In the Product request page, you will see 5 following tabs to manage your requests more efficiently:

All: Requested products from the newest to the oldest and vice versa.
Processing: Products that are in Processing status and are not ready to be imported to your store yet.
Available: Requested products that are ready to be imported or have already been imported to your store. A requested product can be imported multiple times.
No Result: Products that we cannot find or canceled requests because the product is not suitable for sale in a PlusBase store.
Expired: Products that reached expiration date and need to be renewed.

To send a product request, click Import product.

In Import product, enter the CJ Dropshipping link of the product you want to request. You can request multiple items at once by pasting the product links into a separate document/sheet, putting each link on a new line, and then copying and pasting the entire paragraph back into this box.

Products not meeting our policy will be declined. Please refer to Restricted product list.

After adding CJ Dropshipping product links, you can click Add link or simply hit enter.

Click Import product to submit your request.

Once your request is submitted, the products will appear in the Product request with Processing status. When requesting a product from CJ Dropshipping, you can get the product information in just a few minutes. The time it takes for a product to become Available may vary due to the number of variants.

Once the requested products have Available status, you can view your product details by clicking on their images. The product detail page will include all information of the product.

The original CJ Dropshipping product URL to see if our product matches your request.
Product variants.
Product cost.
Processing rate.
Shipping information.

The processing rate is based on the risk level of the product, and calculated based on the product's ratings, review, and price range from CJ Dropshipping. This rate can vary depending on the product and the time of the order creation. Therefore, we encourage you to carefully review and select high quality CJ Dropshipping to lower the processing rate. Check out this article on how to calculate your order profit based on the product processing rate.
You can view requested products that are in the Processing status, but the information may not be fully updated and available at that time.
All products from your Product request list will have expiration dates, which means after that date, the price we’ve got for you might be changed due to suppliers or other reasons. When your product expires, the requested product's status will change from Available to Expired. If you wish to renew it, please click on the Need update? button in the product detail page and follow the instructions below to submit your request to extend the product’s expiration date. With the product already Expired, if you do not request PlusBase to update the quote and continue to sell this product, in case the product has a change in price from the supplier, PlusBase will process the order according to the supplier's new price and the cost difference will be deducted from your Balance.

If you are satisfied with the product, you can directly import it to your store and start selling immediately. CJ Dropshipping product will be handled and fulfilled by PlusBase, not by CJ Dropshipping. Therefore, after the first order of a product is placed, we will begin sourcing from our trusted suppliers and will update the product cost accordingly.

B. Import requested CJ Dropshipping products to your store

Please refer to this article on how to import products to your PlusBase store.

PlusBase recommends that Sellers limit the number of request links they import for the same product, in order to avoid cost differences between orders caused by inconsistencies in product price information from different product request links. If the Seller imports and uses a new request link of a product for which PlusBase has previously provided the product quotation, the cost of orders generated by the new link will be recalculated to equal the product price in PlusBase's original quotation information. In the event of a cost difference, PlusBase will add or deduct the difference from the Seller's Balance.

C. Frequently asked questions

1. How long will the product be available after I submit a product request with an CJ Dropshipping URL?

It typically takes a few minutes for a CJ Dropshipping product to become available. However, if the requested product has a large number of variants, there might be a delay of approximately 30 minutes. If numerous products from multiple URLs are requested simultaneously, this delay could be extended.

2. For products imported from CJ Dropshipping, how are product cost and shipping fee calculated on PlusBase?

The product cost is calculated the same way as the product price on CJ Dropshipping.
The shipping cost is recalculated as follows:

First item shipping fee = CJ Dropshipping standard shipping fee + Adjusted amount + $0.99. CJ Dropshipping standard shipping fee is defined as the CJ Dropshipping China warehouse cheapest shipping fee.
Adjusted amount: This amount will be automatically calculated to round up the shipping fee to the nearest positive integer.

For example, if a product has the CJ Dropshipping Standard shipping fee of $2.4, then the Adjusted amount will be $0.6. Therefore, the first item shipping fee of this product will be $3.99.

Additional item shipping fee = (First item shipping fee + $0.01) / 2 + $0.01.

For example, if the product's first item shipping fee is $3.99, the shipping fee for the additional item will be $2.01.

3. What are the conditions and product limitations for CJ Dropshipping products that PlusBase supports?

Product policies: Please refer to the following documents

Limitations of PlusBase products
PlusBase restricted products

Any existing orders containing PlusBase-restricted products, products for which we cannot find suitable suppliers, or products that are out of stock will have to be canceled and refunded to the Buyers. In these cases, the Seller will not be entitled to the profit from the orders.

Product option quantity

Each PlusBase product can have a maximum of 3 options and 500 variants. If your CJ dropshipping product has more than 3 options OR 500 variants, the request will be canceled immediately, and the status will be marked as No Result.

Read more: Understand the quota of daily product creation on ShopBase

Product variant price

If you request an URL that has all variants priced less than US$150, the request will be immediately Available.

If an URL consists some variants priced over US$150, those variants will not be importable into the store. Only variants with a base cost below US$150 can be imported for sales.

If you request an URL that consists entirely of variant priced over US$150, the request will be cancelled immediately, the status will be marked as No Result.

4. Which shipping line will be crawled when importing a product from CJ Dropshipping?

When you request a product via a CJ Dropshipping URL, we will prioritize crawling the cheapest shipping line that has the option for shipping from China warehouse. If there is no "China warehouse" option, the system will crawl the cheapest shipping line with the US warehouse option.

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Updated on: 04/06/2024

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