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With the new features integrated in ShopBase Admin Dashboard, merchants could easily manage all orders of multiple stores (including exporting orders and importing tracking numbers) at the same time instead of doing the same tasks in each store by using CSV file.

In this section

A. Export all orders
B. Import multiple bill of lading numbers

A. Export all orders

Please refer to this article on how to export order details via CSV file. In step 3, please choose the stores you want to export information in Store section.

Click here to choose the stores you want to export information to CSV file


If an order has multiple products in the same product line, processed by two or more order fulfilling services, it will be listed in multiple lines in the CSV file, each line corresponding to one order processing service.
An order is processed many times so the order information will be presented in several lines, each line corresponding to a bill of lading code. The number of products sent to customers is tracked by that bill of lading code.
If there are several products in the order that have not been processed, information about those products will be displayed in a line separate from the information flow of products processed in the order.
The exported file will be downloaded automatically after you press Export to file if there are less than 50 orders in the export file. If the quantity is more than 50, the file will be sent to your registered email.

B. Import multiple tracking numbers

After exporting all the order information to a CSV file and processing the order for customer, you need to enter the bill of lading code information for those orders. Please refer to know how to enter bill of lading code information with CSV file for multiple orders as tutorial of this article

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