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In PlusHub, you can easily keep track of your claim statuses using Claims feature in Orders section, by the Claim ID or Order Name.

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A. Understand claim statuses
B. How to view claim of an order
C. How to view all claims

A. Understand claim statuses

You must understand claim statuses to manage them more effectively. All of your claims are sorted into 6 different statuses:

New: Claims have been newly created.

In review: We offer solution for your cases and need you to review.

Approved: PlusHub team and you come to an agreement for the final solution (Refund/Replacement).

Rejected: Claims have not been approved. Please contact LiveChat team for further assistance.

Canceled: You have canceled these claims before our review.

All claims: All claims that have been submitted.

B. How to view claim of an order

From ShopBase admin site > Orders.

Search for the order that you want to file a claim for using the order name > Click the order.

In the order detail page, click More actions > View claim(s)

C. How to view all claims

From ShopBase admin site, go to Fulfillment > PlusHub.

Click Claims.

You can search claim using Claim ID or Order Name.

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