With the new features integrated in ShopBase Admin Dashboard, merchants could easily manage all orders of multiple stores (including exporting orders and importing tracking numbers) at the same time instead of doing the same tasks in each store.

On this page:
A. Export all orders
B. Import multiple tracking numbers

A. Export all orders

Merchants can export desired orders along with their transaction histories or only their transaction histories from different stores at the same time.

Here is an interface of Export orders section.

Understand available fields in Export orders

Store: You can choose which store you want to export orders.

Exports: You can choose export All orders, Orders by date or Order in the current page.

Export as: You can choose the desired type of .CSV file you want to export orders.

Export template: You can choose the fields you want to export including Orders, Transaction histories, and Customize export fields.

Customize export fields: You can select a filed in Available fields, then click ADD to add a field to export.

Fields to export: You can change the order of columns by dragging and dropping the mouse.

Save this template: You can create export template on your own and apply the next time.

After editing all fields in Export Order, click Export to file and you are ready to go.

You can refer to the Order export template and Transaction export template for further details.

Understand the cases about exported orders

One line item is fulfilled by 2 or more fulfillment services: Show that line item in many rows, with each row corresponding to 1 fulfillment service.

One order is fulfilled many times: Show that order in many rows, with each row corresponding to 1 tracking number and the quantity of line item is fulfilled in that tracking number.

There is unfulfilled line time in an order: Show that line item in a separated line.

Export file will be downloaded automatically after being exported if there are less than 50 orders in the export file, otherwise the file would be sent in an email to the account email if you select more than 50 orders.

B. Import multiple tracking numbers

Merchants could import multiple tracking number and receive a notification email if there is some errors in the process of exporting orders. In addition, buyers will receive the notification email if merchants click Send a notification email to the customer before uploading .CSV file.

After uploading your own .CSV file, a preview pane would be display the first qualified order to upload.

Click Import and your fulfillment information will be updated within 30 minutes.

You could import multiple tracking number here.

You could refer to this instruction for fully understanding how to fill in .CSV file when fulfilling your orders. Please noted that this file is only for instruction, not for uploading.

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