How to edit your product in Website Settings?

The Product part in Website Settings includes Product Card and Product Variant. This article will guide you through the steps to adjust your product with those 2 blocks.

In this article

A. Product Card
B. Product Variant

A. Product Card

The Product card provides a concise overview of the item, showcasing its name, image, price, and other important details. You can preview the product card's appearance on Collection detail, Featured collection, and Upsell widget.

Image ratio: You can adjust image ratio with the Portrait, Square or Landscape style.

Image cover: You can choose either Cover or Contain style.

Hover effect: You can choose either Zoom in or Image carousel.

Font: You can choose the font size as Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2 or Paragraph 3.

Border: You can customer the border or each Product by changing its Thickness, Style, Side and Color.

Radius: You can change the radius.

Shadow: You can choose either None, Soft or Hard. If you choose Soft or Hard, you can also customize its Size and Direction.

Padding: You can choose how products are aligned by customizing the Top, Left, Bottom, Right.

Text align: You can choose the 3 positions of Text alignment.

Background: You can choose the background Color or upload the Image. Please note that the image size must be under 10MB.

You can enable the display to make your product more attractive including Sold out badge, Sales badge and Add to cart button.

When buyer click Add to cart: You can set the next step as either Go to cart page or Open cart drawer.

B. Product Variant

In this section, you will be able to switch on/off necessary function related to the product variant.

Default variant selection: You can choose to Auto-choose the first variant or Do not select any variant. If you select Auto-choose the first variant, you can exclude an option, such as option size, form auto selection and require buyer to make a choice before adding to cart or checking out to prevent mistake.

Hide selector when option has one value: You can switch on/off this function.

Hide selector when option has one value is off
Hide selector when option has one value is on
Only show available variant combination: You can switch on/off this function.

Only show available variant combination is on
Only show available variant combination is off
Enable Stick Add to cart: You can switch on/off this function. If this is on, the stick Add to cart will be fixed on the header when the product page is scrolled down.

Enable Stick Add to cart is off
Enable Stick Add to cart is on

C. Cart goal

You can choose the goal of purchase in which you are eligible for discount, freeshipping and other benefits,etc.

D. Language

You will see the supported languages for your website. The selected language will be based on the visitor’s geolocation. However, you can set a default language in case there is no match, the default language will be selected.

E. Cookies banner

You can switch on/off the Cookies function.

F. Review rating

This section allows you to customize the shape of the review’s icon and rating colors.

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Updated on: 18/05/2023

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