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How to edit your product in Website Settings?

The Product part in Website Settings includes Product Card, Product Variant and Sticky Add to cart. This article will guide you through the steps to adjust your product with those 3 blocks.

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A. Product Card
B. Product Variant
C. Sticky Add to cart

A. Product Card

The Product card provides a concise overview of the item, showcasing its name, image, price, and other important details. You can preview the product card's appearance on Collection detail, Featured collection, and Upsell widget.

Image ratio: modify the image ratio with the Portrait, Square or Landscape style.

Image cover: select between Cover or Contain style for the images.

Hover effect: opt for either Zoom In or Image Carousel as the hover effect for enhanced visual appeal.

Font: choose the font size as Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2 or Paragraph 3.

Border: tailor the border by altering its Thickness, Style, Side, and Color.

Radius: modify the radius according to your preferences.

Shadow: choose from None, Soft, or Hard for the desired shadow effect. If opting for Soft or Hard, customize the shadow further by adjusting its Size and Direction.

Padding: customize the alignment of products by choosing values for Top, Left, Bottom, and Right to set the padding according to your preferences.

Text align: select from 3positions for text alignment to suit your design preferences.

Background: opt for a background by choosing a specific Color or uploading an Image. Keep in mind that the image size should be under 10MB.

Color background
Image background
Compared price: choose whether to show the compared price in the product information.

Show price range: choose whether to showcase the price range for the product.

Show rating: choose whether to show the product rating.

Sold out badge: choose to show the sold-out badge when the inventory is equal to 0, indicating that the product is currently out of stock.

Sale badge: choose whether to show the sale badge on discounted products.

Add to cart button: activate or deactivate the visibility of the Add to Cart button. When the button is enabled, you can further customize its label and display settings.

Label: enter the label name of the Add to cart button. For example, the label can be changed into Add to my bag.

Display: choose from the dropdown list on how to trigger the Add to cart button display. You can choose When hover on media or Always on card.

When buyer click Add to cart: choose the subsequent action when a buyer clicks the Add to Cart button. Options include: Go to cart page, Open cart drawer or Show success message.

B. Product Variant

This section allows you to control essential functions related to product variants.

Default variant selection: opt for either Auto-choose the first variant or Do not select any variant. If you select Auto-choose the first variant, you can exclude an option (e.g., size), and require the buyer to make a choice before adding to cart or checking out to avoid mistake.

Hide selector when option has one value: enable or disable the option to hide the selector when an option has only one value

Hide selector when option has one value is off: Variant option has one value is shown
Hide selector when option has one value is on: Variant option has one value is hidden
Only show available variant combination: You can switch on/off this function.

Only show available variant combination is on: Only available variant combination is ready to checkout
Only show available variant combination is off: The unavailable variant combination cannot be checkout and marked Unavailable

C. Sticky Add to cart

Enable Stick Add to cart: when enabled, the sticky** Add to Cart button will remain fixed at the footer of the page when the product page is scrolled down.

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Updated on: 06/02/2024

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