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When you put a product on sale, or simply want to create the urgency so the customers will have more willingness to add the product, showing the original price beside the sale price will help. With ShopBase, you can set sale prices on every single products without using discount codes.

For example, in this storefront they are displaying sale prices $20 is the exact price the customer will pay for the product. Showing the pre-sale price on the right will make the sale price become more attractive and motivate the customers to buy before the sale may end.

Here is how you can set a Compare-at-price for a product.

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A. For single-variant products
B. For each variant

A. For single-variant products

From your Shopbase admin site, choose Products. The setting can be found on Add product page.

Scroll down to the Pricing to edit the price of your product.

Click Save changes.

B. For each variant

The setting will be different if your products have variants.

From your Shopbase admin site, go to Products > All products > Add product or click on an existing product to edit the product's details.

Scroll down to the Variants field.

Click Edit, you will be directed to a detailed setting page to set up the Compare-at-price price.

If the Sale price is equal to the Compare-at price, the Compare-at-price will not be shown.

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