When something happens to occur some unexpected issues with the orders or with your customers, chances that you would need to refund an entire order or part of an order. With ShopBase, you can cancel an order and request a refund easily.

In this article
A. How to cancel an order
B. How to refund an order

A. How to cancel an order
Cancelling an order might due to fraudulent order, customer's preference change or unavailable items. You can easily get the order cancelled by:

From your ShopBase admin, go to Orders
Click the order you want to cancel
Click More actions > Cancel order

Cancel order

B. How to refund an order
Refund an order means you're sending back money to your customers. In some circumstances or depends on store's policy, you might refund an entire order and part of the order value. Here's how you can issue a refund order:

After clicking Cancel order, the Refund box will appear.
Fill in the refund amount
Click Cancel order

Refund order

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