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Welcome to ShopBase - the e-commerce platform that helps all drop shipper, POD & online retailers to build and scale the business.

This article will walk you through with the necessary information that you should know before setting up your own ShopBase store

In this article:

A. Introduction to ShopBase

B. Getting used with Shopbase

C. Pricing structure

D. Creating a ShopBase store

A. Introduction to ShopBase

Dropshipping Business, POD or online retail in general are becoming popular business models for several reasons: Lower input costs, easier inventory management and great range of products.

Knowing the advantages and drawbacks of all dropshipping stores out there, we built ShopBase as a complete and smart platform for online retailers that you can build, sell and scale your online stores with.

B. Getting used with Shopbase

Here are the places you might want to check frequently while building and running your business, getting support and more:

- Sign-up and Sign-in forms: Creating a ShopBase account, activating the free-trial to start selling online and monitor the store daily.

- Admin Dashboard: Managing your store’s operation from this admin section, designing your site, managing your products, customizing your theme, processing orders or adding more apps into the store.

- App Store: Extending the effectiveness of your online store by adding several powerful apps with simple clicks.

- Support Home: Reading helpful articles from ShopBase’s Knowledge Base or offering assistance from Customer Support team by chatting with us. Please click on "chat with us" at the bottom of our page and a small chat popup will show up.

- Developer Documents: Building your own apps, themes on ShopBase or integrating your service into the ShopBase admin with our detailed instructions dedicated to the engineers.

C. Pricing structure:

+ Free trial plan: All stores will have 14 days trial before paying for the store.

+ Packages: ShopBase has three different packages. Those packages will have differences in the Transaction fee and the Staff account amount you can keep.

Check this page to see the details and choose the suitable one for you.

D. Store set-up instruction:

There are 4 basic steps to have a ShopBase store:

Create ShopBase account and fill in your store's information
Organize the store
Test how it works
Publish the store and promote
Take a look at the initial checklist and detailed steps to create your own store here: How to launch an online store with ShopBase?
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