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Connect Google Merchant Center to online store with ShopBase's checklist

By following the checklist provided by ShopBase, you can also manually register a Google Merchant Center account to help you review and set up your store to meet GMC requirements. After connecting your GMC account to ShopBase, you can sync and manage product feed from ShopBase to GMC. In this article, we will show you how to effectively connect GMC to your online store using our checklist.

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A. Connect Google Merchant Center
B. Sync product feed

A. Connect Google Merchant Center

Before you start the setup, make sure that you have a Google Merchant Center account associated to your Google account.

From your ShopBase admin, go to Marketing & Sales > Sales channels and select Google.

In Google account, click Connect to start the integration.

In the pop-up, sign in your Google account. Make sure you tick these 2 boxes and click Continue.

Select your Google Merchant Center account and click Connect.

Each GMC account can only be connected to 1 ShopBase store. If your account is already being connected to a ShopBase store, please disconnect it before connecting to another.

In Register Google Merchant Center (GMC) > Review store & Set up GMC account, select I'll review this by myself. Then, complete the following 2 steps to review your store and business information.

Step 1: Review your store

To use Google channel, you need to make sure that your online store meets the Google Merchant Center requirements:

You need to connect and set up a public domain to your online store. Please refer to this article, or watch this short video on how to connect a custom domain to your ShopBase store.
You need to add a valid payment provider in your ShopBase admin. Please refer to this article, or watch this short video on how to connect a payment provider to your ShopBase store.
Your store must not be password-protected. Please refer to this article, or watch this short video on how to remove password protection from your ShopBase store.
You need to add a Refund Policy, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to your online store. Please refer to this article, or watch this short video on how to set up your policy pages and add them to the footer navigation menu on your ShopBase store.
You need to add at least 2 contact methods on your online store.
You need to confirm that you don't collect customer information of any kinds.
You need to confirm that you don't offer free items or incentives like product bundles, quantity discount, etc.
You need to confirm that you abide by copyright laws in order to avoid infringement.

The last 4 are basic requirements from GMC. You need to confirm all 4 to complete the requirements before connecting your GMC account.

Step 2: Review your setup on GMC account

Set up your GMC account with the checklist below before syncing products:

Set up Business information: Please make sure to match the information on GMC with the information on your store.
Set up tax (US) on GMC.
Set up shipping on GMC.
Verify and claim website URL: A GMC account needs to be associated with a verified domain that is not associated with another account. When you connect a GMC account to Google channel, your ShopBase store's domain is automatically claimed possession, unless it is already associated with another Google account. If your domain is associated with a different GMC account, you can transfer the domain claim to the GMC account that you connected to ShopBase.
Link your Google Ads account.

You can check the status of each action right on your ShopBase admin. After finishing the set up, you can start syncing your product feed to GMC.

How to resolve "This app is blocked" error when connecting to your Google account

From your Google account, go to Security and enable Less secure app access.

If you still cannot connect after step 1, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

B. Sync product feed

After reviewing and setting up your store and GMC account using the above checklist, you can start synchronizing your products to GMC. You can choose to sync all products, or just some selected products or collection to GMC depending on your business strategy.

Read more: Sync products to Google Merchant Center.

Overview of how to connect Google Merchant Center to your store
Understand Google’s requirements when registering Merchant Center
Automatically register Google Merchant Center and set up online store
Understand Google Merchant Center account application statuses
Automatically sync product feed to Google Merchant Center

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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