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Update Facebook tracking to comply with iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency Framework

Since iOS 14, Apple has required all apps to follow their App Tracking Transparency Framework, and users can request that apps not track their activities when using apps that include Facebook apps. Therefore, Facebook introduces the Aggregated Event Measurement to provide a way that help merchants to take on Apple's limitation.

ShopBase fully supports this protocol, follow our guides below to take actions as soon as possible.

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A. Understand Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement Protocol
B. Merchant's required steps

A. Understand Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement Protocol

Facebook Aggregated Event Measurement Protocol requires all merchants to:

Verify domains in Business Manager

Facebook will only optimize ads campaigns for Pixels & Events which is paired with a verified domain.
If an ad campaign is running for an unverified domain, it will be paused when the protocol is enforced.

Configure Web Events for Ads Optimization

There are only 8 events will be selected per domain to be used to optimize Ads Campaigns.
Facebook will automatically ask merchants to reviews all events which are selected for domains.
If your Ads Campaigns optimize any events which are not in the list of 8 events, your campaigns will be paused once the protocol is enforced.

Implement Conversions API for Pixel

Aside from data collected on storefronts via Facebook Pixel, Facebook also allows merchants to send data from servers via their Conversions API.
Facebook will try to match both events on storefront and server, then deduplicate the matched ones.
When the protocol is enforced, only data from storefronts will not allow you to optimize Ads Campaigns effectively
ShopBase will take care of these steps and ensure all events are sent both on storefronts and servers.

B. Merchant's Required Steps

Please complete the steps below to comply with Facebook's new protocol and make sure your store is ready when Apple's updates are applied to all apps.

Verify your domain via Facebook Business Manager

First, you need to take the very important step of verifying domain ownership using Facebook Business Manager. ShopBase supports 2 main verification methods as follows:

DNS TXT records (If you purchase domains from ShopBase).
Meta-tag Verification (If you purchase domains from other third-party domain providers).

Read this article to for a guide on how to verify domain ownership with ShopBase

Enable Pixel & Conversions API for complete tracking

ShopBase can send events to Facebook on both storefront & servers to ensure Facebook receive all necessary data & deduplicate events correctly.

Read the following articles to finish this step:

Create Facebook Pixel & Generate Access Token
Set up Facebook Pixel IDs and Conversions API in ShopBase
Verify Pixel & Conversions API are working correctly

Based on your activity, Facebook will initially configure the conversion events that are believed to be the most relevant to your business. When this occurs, any campaigns or ad sets that optimize for an inactive conversion event will stop running.

Verify domain ownership on ShopBase with Facebook Business
Create Facebook Pixel & Generate Access Token
Set up Facebook Pixel IDs and Conversions API in ShopBase
Verify Facebook Pixel and Conversions API are working correctly
Configure conversions events in Facebook Events Manager

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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