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Supported concepts for personalized campaigns

As the trend of product personalization continues to grow, ShopBase, PrintBase, and PlusBase now offer built-in features to add custom texts, upload photos, choose photo options, etc. and enable preview modes to help customers visualize what the product will look like with the personalization. This is a great way to easily create more personalized products and increase conversion rate of your store. In this article, we will give you an introduction on supported concepts for personalized campaigns.

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A. What is product personalization?
B. Types of personalized campaigns that are supported

A. What is product personalization?

Product personalization allows your customers to rewrite text, upload or select photos, and have them printed on the product, according to their preference. On ShopBase, PrintBase, and PlusBase, you can set up campaigns with diverse personalization concepts as follows.

B. Types of personalized campaigns that are supported

Customize texts: Customers are able to change text in the product's design.

If you want your customers to write their own texts on the product, such as adding names of family's members, names of pets, or their own names for hobbies, niche, etc.: You can use Text field and Text area custom options.
If you want to suggest a list of custom texts, such as quotes, slogans, or written messages, for your customers to choose: You can use Droplist and Radio custom options.

Demo campaign with text customization.

These following characters are allowed:

Characters: A - Z, a - z, space, dash (-), underscore (_).
Numbers: 0 - 9, negative numbers.
Special characters: punctuations (, . : ! ?), others (~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = [ ] { } \ / | " ').

Please make sure your font supports these characters before launching your campaign.
Characters that are not listed above will be considered as invalid characters and customers cannot checkout when using these invalid characters.
Upload images: Customers are able to upload their own images from their computers or mobile phones to replace some contents of the product design. You can consider this feature for campaigns having photos of family, anniversaries, wedding day, etc. For this type of personalization, you need to use Image custom option.

Demo campaign of uploading images and customizing text.
Select images from a list of suggestions: Customers can also choose options from a well prepared image and text list provided by the seller, instead of manually adding by themselves. This feature suits sophisticated campaigns in which customers can select the characters, hair colors, genders, etc. from the options you design. For this type of personalization, you need to upload clipart images and use Picture choice custom option.

Demo campaign of selecting images, text.

Hide or show a layer: Customers can hide or show a certain layer or group of layers in your design. For this type of personalization, you must use Checkbox custom option.

Demo campaign with checkbox
Display custom options according to customer's selection: You can set conditions to display specific custom options based on your customer's input. For example, in this demo campaign with conditional logic, when the option of "Tan" woman's skin is selected, only clip art images of the woman's dress in tan skin are displayed.

Demo campaign with conditional logic.

Select the number of personalized characters/elements (multiple design versions): By combining layers into different groups, you can create campaigns with multiple design versions for your customers to choose from. For example, personalized campaigns that allow your customers to select the number of dogs on the product.

Demo campaign with multiple design versions.

Custom Art: Custom Art service offers a solution for personalized campaigns with complex and unique design ideas. You can utilize sample campaigns from our library and get our design team to re-design personalized orders before fulfilling them.

Demo campaign with Custom Art.

Please see this link for complete instructions on how to create personalization in your campaign.

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Updated on: 22/11/2022

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