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Policy for PrintBase's Sellers - Orders containing awaiting artwork items

The following policy applies to all PrintBase orders containing awaiting artwork items.

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A. Overview
B. Policy for PrintBase's Sellers

A. Overview

For orders that contain items waiting for artwork to be uploaded, the Seller must upload the artwork within 36 hours of the order's creation. If the artwork has not been uploaded by the end of this period, the order will be canceled. In this case, all fees incurred during the order cancelation process will be directly deducted from the Seller's PrintBase Balance.
After the artwork is uploaded by the Seller, PrintBase will review the artwork quality within 1 business day.
If the artwork quality does not meet PrintBase's standard, PrintBase will contact the Seller to request a new artwork. If PrintBase does not receive a response from the Seller within 24 hours of sending the notice, PrintBase will approve the initial design and use it to fulfill the order. Please note that once the order has been fulfilled, the Seller will be held responsible if the Buyer files a claim or dispute regarding the product's artwork quality in this case.
As a result, depending on how long it takes for artwork to be uploaded, the order processing time will be at least 48 hours longer than the processing time shown on the PrintBase Catalog.
When the order is approved by PrintBase, the order profit will be calculated and available to payout in 24-72 hours. Please refer to this article for more information on Payout with PrintBase.

B. Policy for PrintBase's Sellers

In general, the policy for PrintBase & PrintHub's sellers is still in effect for orders that contain items waiting for artwork to be uploaded. However, it should be noted that the order processing timelines are subject to change as follows:

1. PrintBase Policy

1.1. Qualifying cases in which a Seller’s order profit is not deducted and PrintBase assumes responsibility

Orders that have no tracking numbers issued after 15 business days following the artwork approval date.
Orders that are not successfully delivered after 45 business days and no more than 60 days following the artwork approval date.
Orders with out-of-stock item(s). The Buyer agrees to keep the order and wait for restocking. However, PrintBase cannot restock after 14 days following the artwork approval date and must cancel the order.

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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