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Place a test order without test mode on PrintBase and PlusBase

To prepare for a successful online store launch, you can run a test order on PrintBase and PlusBase to go through the checkout process as your customers would. This will allow you to fix problems ahead of time and prevent your customers from experiencing any ordering issues that would result in a loss of sales or discourage customers from buying from you again. For test orders, there are two options:

Use test mode to simulate a charge. This is a quick and easy method for you to test your store's checkout experience in just a few steps. Please see this article for information on how to use PrintBase test mode and this one for information on PlusBase test mode.
Test order with your payment account without using PrintBase and PlusBase’s available test modes. If you have already tried our built-in test mode but still want to test orders using your own payment account, you can place a test order in accordance with our guidelines. By following these guidelines, you can prevent your test orders from being flagged as potential fraud by our Moderation Team.

In this article, we will provide you with some guidelines on how to place a real test order on PrintBase and PlusBase without using test mode.

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A. Order payment requirements
B. How test orders are processed

A. Order payment requirements

From your online store, make a purchase as a customer would, and complete checkout using genuine credit card details.

This order must meet the below requirements:

Quantity: The maximum number of test orders you can make on your store is 3 to 5 orders.
Order profit: The profit of this order must be $0. You can make purchases for real products on your store, but make sure to set up their selling prices and shipping fees so that the order profit is $0.

The following are some recommendations for what you should include in your test orders:

Customer’s email: The email used to place the order must be an email registered on the ShopBase platform, or an email containing the keyword TEST.
Customer’s IP address: The customer's IP address should be a valid and genuine IP address, NOT a hidden IP address obtained through a proxy server.
You can also add a note to your order, or add a keyword test into your customer name or product name.

After the order is placed, we recommend that you should contact our Customer Support team to ensure that the order is not listed on ShopBase's suspected fraudulent list.

When placing test orders on PrintBase and PlusBase, it is important to follow the above guidelines and requirements in order to prevent your account from being flagged due to suspicious purchasing activity. Then, please refer to section B for further details on how your test orders will be processed.

B. How test orders are processed

Cases in which the test order meet the above requirements: Your order will not be listed on ShopBase's suspected fraudulent list and will be fulfilled as normal.

Cases in which the test order does not meet the above requirements: The order will be listed on ShopBase's suspected fraudulent list. Then, how it is processed will depend on whether or not it is fulfilled or not.

If the order is not fulfilled: The order will be cancelled, and the profit will be refunded to the Seller. If the Seller still wishes to fulfill the order, they must place another test order in accordance with the requirements outlined in section A.
If the order is fulfilled and the Seller request for a cancellation and refund: The order will be cancelled and refunded upon the Seller's request. The order's base cost, processing fee, shipping fee, and the payment fee will still be deducted from the Seller's ShopBase Balance.

Cases in which the order is disputed:

The Seller will be fully responsible for any disputes that may arise as a result of test orders. The order's GMV and dispute fee will be deducted from the Seller's ShopBase Balance at the moment of dispute.
In these cases, we will apply the same solution to the user account as we do to fraudulent users.
If the dispute is won, the whole charged amount is refunded to the Seller.
If the dispute is lost, the amount will be permanently deducted, no additional fee will be charged.

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Updated on: 13/10/2022

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